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Astro City # 1 (REVIEW)

Astro City #1
Astro City #1
Astro City #1





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Wonderful art and an interesting story with a number of unique looking cast of characters.


As a new reader to the series it would have been better to get a better explanation on a couple of things.

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The Broken Man narrates the first issue of Astro City as a mysterious event occurs. Find out what I thought about this first issue of the new ongoing series!

Posted July 31, 2013 by

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Astro City opens up to a seemingly omnipotent being called The Broken Man who is shattering the 4th wall by addressing you, the reader, telling you that you now work for him. The Broken Man narrates the issue as he introduces certain parts of the city and introduces us to some heroes that reside there (such as The Samaritan, Winged Victory, and American Chibi). As the issue goes on we’re shown that two giant doors have appeared over the city and heroes are trying to open them.

The Broken Man tells us he’s trying to find someone to use for his so-far ambiguous plans. He settles on an ordinary middle-aged man and the gates open, with giant robotic figure coming out claiming to be an ambassador from another world and asking for someone to explain earth to him. The middle-aged man from before volunteers and goes through the doors with the giant. The issue ends showing The Broken Man telling us not to go to the last page, which shows him in a mental institution.

The art used here is nice and clean, making each character unique and not a copy of one another. Certain characters definitely stand out with the way that they are drawn and colored.

I’ve never met a cast as unique looking as the ones in Astro City.  I haven’t read any of the previous series before, but this issue has certainly got me interested to try and find past issues. It was a really unique way to open up a new series and I know that I’ll be sticking with it for some time.

Evan Cruser



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