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DC Villains Month: Win or Loss? (REVIEW)



Villains point of view, 3D covers were awesome, engaging tie-ins


Shortage of 3D covers, villains were under the wrong main title, rushed titles/stories

Posted October 12, 2013 by

As everyone knows by now DC used the whole month of October to showcase the majority of its New 52 villains. In fact, they introduce a few completely new ones.  The real story though is if this month was a win or a loss? Was it everything it was cracked up to be? Below I will list both the wins and losses as we review this month as a whole for DC, ending with my overall opinion.


–          The biggest win of this month is that it gave comic readers a look into the villains from their own points of view. Some will make you loath the villains more and others will have you rooting for them at the end.  With most villains getting a book, readers can pick a villain they like and then move on with that title after the month ends.

–          The 3D covers were awesome, the art and layout of the covers were perfect on almost all of the comics, and they really popped out at you.

–          The books that were tie ins for Forever Evil were really engaging and got you excited for the new mini-series.


–          The obvious and biggest loss was the 3D covers. The problem wasn’t that that they weren’t good, it just that they didn’t print enough. Everyone was excited about the covers but most were able to get a lot of them because DC allocated the Local Comic Stores, due running out of the special paper needed to print the covers. This caused books like Jokers Daughter, which in my opinion had a below average story, to sky rocket in price on eBay to upwards of $50.

–          Another big loss with this event was that they kept every story under the main titles, so villains like the Ventriloquist who will be showing up in the Batgirl series, instead was under the title for Batman: The Dark Knight. Many villains had this same issue which can make it very confusing for a reader who wants to follow their favorite villain.

–          Not all books were up to par and in fact many felt like they were rushed as an afterthought.

Villains Month Overview

I was one of the lucky few that was able to get all of the 3D covers, so for me the month was a success.  (This was thanks to my lovely wife waiting in line outside my local comic store for over a half hour every Wednesday morning.) I really enjoyed most of the books that I read and thought it was cool to get an inside view of the villains. For most of the readers, though, this was a month that ended up as a headache, not knowing whether they would get the 3D cover they wanted or even if the story would be worth reading.

All in all I would say this month was a success. Even though they didn’t have enough 3D covers, DC was able to get non-3D covers out (which weren’t supposed to come out until November as second prints) so people would be able to read about their favorite villains. There were definitely several issues that were worth reading. In my opinion most of the stories were interesting and fun to read.

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