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Indie Comics: Fight or Flight


Posted February 12, 2014 by

Fight or Flight

Fight or Flight is another story of a super-powered team that is working for the government. The first issue sees the team taking out the Taliban’s main arms dealer. They take this man out along with an entire army. As this is the first issue, we do not have back-story on the people that make up the team. From the book, we know that right now, there are six of them:

The Group

  • Achilles – a sword-wielding character who dresses in all black save for the exagerated ‘kabuki’ mask. He appears to have a code of honor.
  • Hannibal – a giant of a man with a scarred face and a frightening blood-lust. Appears to enjoy killing.
  • “Blur” – a female speedster, dressed in black and white. She does not care for her nickname.
  • Nolan – the joker of the group. (Joker in that he is a kidder…not that he is ‘Joker’-esque.) Appears that his powers are telekinetic.
  • Brett – the apparent leader of the group. He is referred to as ‘Tincan’ by Hannibal and appears to not be entirely human.
  • Eva – appears to be a human bomb. The issue starts off with the tale of a small town in New England that is destroyed by some explosion, and we are led to believe that it was her.
  • Harvey Malios – the Steve Trevor of the group. He is the government contact and liaison between the group and the government.

The Comic

The dialogue in the comic does occasionally fall into the trap that many ‘Indie’ comics fall into. The dialogue seems stilted at times and there is an occasion of an out of place expletive that feels like it was thrown in to appear edgy. But those are the only issues that I have with this comic. The artwork is at times frantic and electric feeling to sparse and lonely. It is one of the better Indie comics I have read.

The Verdict

This comic, from Freshman Studios, is a pull. It is one that I can easily recommend. It will be fun to see this team as it progresses and interesting to learn more about each characters past. Get your copy of Fight or Flight here.

 Fight or Flight

Nathan Gifford

Nathan lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife, child and Zeus The Mighty, their dog. Nathan is a writer, a father, a songwriter, and a human.


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