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I have been reading The Shadow “revival” series by Dynamite entertainment since issue 1 and I will have to say that this is the first issue I can recommend.  The series, up until now, has been overseas and uninspired stories have plauged Lamont Cranston (The Shadow).But whatever the past, the future looks brighter now that Chris Roberson has taken the helm (because his work on Masks is awesome!!!).

Issue 13 starts at the scene of a soon-to-be-murder, as a rich man is about to have his way with some “women of the night”.  But before the man can have his way, a mysterious person shows up with swords in tow to deliver righteous souls corrupted by wages of sin to the maker.  The story continues following Lamont Cranston’s investigation of the recent murder along with 3 others and the issue comes to an abrupt conclusion right as the mysterious murderer is attacking another victim. The story is very well paced and is not as “wordy” as previous issues.

The art supplied by GIovanni Timpano is some of the best the series has seen.  His crisp illustrations and panel arrangements sing on each and every page.  Timpano layers his pages with panels instead of them just being windows into the action.

Overall, issue 13 of The Shadow has piqued my interest for another run of issues from this series.  Both new comers, Roberson and Timpano really deliver the goods – this The Shadow knows!

By: Chris Roberson and Giovanni Timpano

Austin Sergent



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