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Weekly Pull List July 2 2014


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Every week, TheNerdyBomb makes the trek to and from a local comic shop. We visit with the counter folk and peruse the comics. We then bring our findings back to TheNerdyBomb conference room and go over each comic for you, the loyal reader. So, without further ado…

TheNerdyBomb Weekly Pull List July 2 2014

Weekly Pull List July 2 2014

Big Trouble in Little China #2

Big Trouble in Little China #2

Boom! Studios

Eric Powell, writer; Brian Churilla, artist

For those that read the first issue of Big Trouble in Little China or those that have seen the movie, you basically know what you are getting into here. This comic series seems to be more on the funny side of things, which is OK in my book. It’s like ol’ Nathan Gifford says, “You can have your serious comics that take on world issues and are full of fights and real and raw emotions but when the toils and troubles of real life has got you down, well at times like this you just need to look the world in the eye and say, ‘Go ahead and make me smile.'” That is what this book is, a reason to smile. The humor will not be for everyone. It feels like it could get too slapsticky in the future. For now though, this is just what we need. In this issue, Jack and Egg travel down the Midnight Road to the House of the Seven Widows. Along the way, they steal some pickled eggs and meet a man on a giant turtle. Normal day for Jack Burton.

Weekly Pull List July 2 2014

Action Comics #33 (Batman Variant)

Action Comics #33

DC Comics

Greg Pak, Story; Aaron Kuder, Art

The ‘Doomed’ storyline has had so much potential. What happens when Superman is infected with what we now know is the Doomsday virus? This issue gives us none of the drama of Superman’s friends trying to help him. This issue is full of action. There is a nice moment between Superman and Supergirl, now a Red Lantern. (For those that do not know, Red Lanterns draw their power from emotions, most commonly rage, anger, and hate.) She tries to convince him to accept the power that he has. She then directs him to a moon to help some aliens deal with a situation. A bad guy is trying to kick them off their planet. Superman, calling himself Doom now, waits until the last rocket takes off and destroys the planet. All was not what it seemed and this supposed bad guy was trying to help them escape because the world was exploding and Doom’s interference put all the leaving rockets in danger. Meanwhile, back on earth, the coma that befell the people of Smallville is spreading. Lana realizes that Lois might be in on it and Steel discovers that this has apparently all been a plan to get Superman off world. The issue ends with the return of Cyborg Superman as he and some space slugs head to earth.

I quite enjoy the interplay between Superman and Doom. Making Superman not perfect is a wonderful way to humanize this character. In the past, this has been done by various shades of Kryptonite which has become expected. This Doomsday virus is a welcome plot point.

Weekly Pull List July 2 2014

Angel and Faith #4

Angel & Faith #4

Dark Horse Comics

Victor Gischler, script; Will Conrad, art

London is still part Magic Town. Angel is still there while Faith is stateside working for Deepscan. This issue deals largely with characters from Buffy the Vampire Slayer as Rat-Girl Amy Madison is now operating and gathering magic in Magic Town, we can only guess that she has some nefarious purpose in mind. We also find out where all the extra magic has come from. Deepscan lures Faith back to the fold by sending her to search for the missing Riley Finn. Like the show that it was based on, every issue can’t be a home run. It was still an enjoyable read.

Weekly Pull List July 2 2014

Rocket Raccoon 001

Rocket Raccoon 001

Marvel Comics

Skottie Young, words and art; Jean-Francois Beaulieu, color art

In the ramp up to Guardians of the Galaxy, Marvel is giving us two new series around two characters from the team. The first is Rocket Raccoon. Now, Rocket Raccoon is…well he is a raccoon, albeit one with a foul mouth and an itchy trigger finger. In this issue, Rocket saves a princess, attends Groot’s wrestling match, is chased The Fugitive style, and finally gives up. It seems that there is another space raccoon that has committed murder and pinned it on Rocket. Rocket Raccoon is a character that should not work. The concept is, at best, dumb. However, it works. He has the potential to be one of the breakout characters from the movie later this summer.

Weekly Pull List July 2 2014

Nailbiter #3

Nailbiter #3


Joshua Williamson, story; Mike Henderson, art

As we try to keep things family friendly here at TheNerdyBomb, let’s just say that Nailbiter is fantastic. In three short issues, it has established a mythos around the town of Buckaroo, Oregon and it’s citizens. The writing is fantastic but the art is what really sets the mood. Normally, I overlook art for the story. In this case, the art adds to the overall atmosphere of the book. The language is still salty and it is still a story about serial killers, so probably not good for kids. It might be the best book out right now.

Well, that is the pull list for another week. That is by no means all that I picked up this week. There was also a new series on Jason Quill, aka Star-Lord, also from Guardians of the Galaxy and a new Marvel series called the Marvel 100th Anniversary series. The first in the series deals with the Fantastic Four.

I have been looking for an appropriate way to end this column each week. Stan Lee had “Excelsior!” but that does not fit for me. Casey Kasem had that line about keeping your feet on the ground, but that does not work for a comic book column. Someone recommended that I end with “See you in the funny pages!” but comics are not really funny anymore and besides, that is an anachronistic saying that does not fit anymore. So each week, I will be trying a new catchphrase.

For TheNerdyBomb, I am Nathan Gifford:

You have one week.



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