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Weekly Pull List June 25 2014


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Every week, TheNerdyBomb makes the trek to and from a local comic shop. We visit with the counter folk and peruse the comics. We then bring our findings back to TheNerdyBomb conference room and go over each comic for you, the loyal reader. So, without further ado…

TheNerdyBomb Weekly Pull List June 25 2014

Weekly Pull List June 25 2014

Superman #32

Superman #32

DC Comics

Geoff Johns, writer; John Romita Jr, penciller

The story starts off 25 years ago in Omaha, Nebraska at the Ulysses Research Center. There is an accident and a couple are forced to send their infant son to another dimension. In this dimension, their child will look like them but not be them. He will have powers and abilities far beyond those around him. If it sounds familiar…well that’s because it is Superman. Back in our time, things are as they have been. Superman is still the world’s biggest hero and Clark Kent is lonely. Eating alone and trying to call his friends until he hears a distress call and rushes to be super. Here he fights a giant robot thing with the help of a long haired super being. This super being introduces himself as Ulysses, The Last Son of Earth. As for where this story arc is going, I am not sure. I have had many beefs with the new 52, but their treatment of Superman is the biggest. I liked the relationship with Lois. It grounded him and made him human. Making him basically a loner is not good for Superman. Maybe I have just seen too much Smallville though.

Weekly Pull List June 25 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man #3

The Amazing Spider-Man #3

Marvel Comics

Dan Slott, writer; Humberto Ramos, penciller

To catch you up to speed, Spider-Man is really Peter Parker except for a while, Peter Parker was Otto Octavius and Peter Parker was in Doctor Octopus except then he got his consciousness back in his own body but Otto was controlling everything and then the Peter Parker that we all know and love drifted away…and we were left with The Superior Spider-Man. That is when I quit reading for a while. I stood by during the clone saga and “Brand New Day.” This however was different from all of those. To me, the thing that made Spider-Man a fun character was that here he was a superhero but he did not have all of his stuff together. This Superior Spider-Man was mean and precise and calculating. All of the things that Peter Parker is not. Now however, Peter is Peter again and Otto Octavius is gone until he is needed again. Now Spider-Man is left to clean up all the messes that Otto made. The one that is currently coming to a head is his relationship with The Black Cat, Felicia Hardy. Otto Spider-Man put her in jail and now she wants her revenge on Spider-Man, only this is Peter Parker Spider-Man. This issue was the most fun I have had with a Spider-Man product this year. (Yeah, I am looking at you Amazing Spider-Man 2.)

Weekly Pull List June 25 2014

Super Secret Crisis War #1 – The Good Guys

Super Secret Crisis War #1


Louise Simonson, writer; Derek Charm, artist

We are about to get, as the kids say, meta. The League of Extraordinary Villains is out to capture their nemesis…es…nemesiss?  Nemisi? (EDITOR’S NOTE: The plural of Nemesis is Nemeses.  The More You Know.) “Who are The League of Extraordinary Villains?” you ask. They are Aku, Vilgax, Mandark, and Mojo Jojo. You might recognize them as the enemies of Samurai Jack, Ben 10, Dexter, and the Powerpuff Girls from Cartoon Network. The League teams up and captures the heroes and conquer their respective worlds. Along the way, the villains also capture Ed, Edd, and Eddie and will take over their world as well. As the name Super Secret Crisis War alludes to, this is a summer event spanning the Cartoon Network Universe so we will also see One-Shot comics over the next few months from Johnny Bravo, Billy and Mandy, Cow and Chicken, the Kids Next Door, and Foster and the Imaginary Friends. If you read no other comic book series this year, read this one. It sounds like it will be the most fun.

Weekly Pull List June 25 2014

Super Secret Crisis War #1 – The Bad Guys

Weekly Pull List June 25 2014

Star Wars Rebel Heist #3

Star Wars Rebel Heist Part Three of Four

Dark Horse Comics

Matt Kindt, script; Marco Castiello, penciller

Once the Rebel Heist series is over, I will be sad to see it go, but I won’t want it to continue. Too much EU can really be a bad thing. So far, we have seen Han and Leia purposefully captured and now we have a story with Chewbacca. With each issue, more of the plot is being revealed. It appears that our 4 rebels are attempting an Ocean’s 11 type heist. I could be wrong. In this issue, the Wookie and a defected Stormtrooper send out codes of some sort to the rebel fleet. What these codes will be used for, we don’t know yet. We do end the issue with Chewbacca and friend trapped in front of a rapidly approaching Rancor before cutting to the steely blue eyes of Luke Skywalker. This is cause for alarm as this story takes place between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back, Luke was not a full Jedi yet. So far the series has been keeping with continuity (for the most part), so I hope that we do not see scenes of a full Jedi Luke. If we do, there will be problems.

Weekly Pull List June 25 2014

Outcast Chapter 1

Outcast Issue 1: A Darkness Surrounds Him


Robert Kirkman, creator and writer; Paul Azaceta, artist

Oustcast is a new Robert Kirkman creation. I am sure that you already know that he was one of the creators behind The Walking Dead so you can expect more of that. The story follows a young man named Kyle Barnes who is apparently kind of a good for nothing, or at least that is what we are meant to think. He lives alone in a run down house and has a poor relationship with his sister, who is not really his sister. One thing that we learn about Kyle over the course of the book is that he has the ability to cast out demons and has had to do it on more than one occasion. This is a dark book with very adult language. It is also pretty good.

This week also saw the second issue of Trees. I am not sure what all Warren Ellis has in store for us. This could either be a great book or a bust. The second issue deals more with people than it does the giant trees. Still good, just a different type of good.

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