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Weekly Pull List May 28, 2014


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Here is what we at TheNerdyBomb had in our Weekly Pull List May 28 2014:

Trees Issue 1

Weekly Pull List May 28

Trees – image Comics

image Comics

Warren Ellis, writer; Jason Howard, artist

Trees is what you would call a slow burn. In this premiere issue, we start ten years after intelligent life landed on the planet. The catch is that when they got here, they did not recognize us as intelligent. The life that lands comes in the form of what appears to be giant trees. These trees not only do not regard human life as intelligent, they do not regard us at all. Since the invasion, life for the average human has changed drastically. Rio de Janeiro is now largely a police state, the streets of New York City are now waterways, and a large walled city in China is now a bohemian, anything goes art district. I am not sure where this series is going to go. It is a interesting idea that in our search for intelligent life, the life we encounter might not see us as intelligent. The language in Trees can get pretty salty, so be warned. It is a good read though.


Nightwing Issue 30

Weekly Pull List May 28

Nightwing – DC Comics

DC Comics

Tim Seeley and Tom King, writers; Javier Garròn and Jorge Lucas, artists

This is the last issue of Nightwing. For some unexplained reason, he has been my favorite hero for several years. With all that he went through in Forever Evil, I wondered how he would continue. The answer is that Nightwing the character and the book will not. Dick Grayson will return though in Grayson #1 coming soon. In this book, there is a bit of background action with a group called The Fist of Cain. They encounter Bat-friend Dr. Leslie Thompkins and are about to kill her when she is rescued by a secret organization. The real meat of this issue is a fight between Batman and Nightwing. Not a verbal argument type of fight, but fisticuffs. This is a fitting end to a good book…and an even better introduction to what looks to be a very exciting upcoming book.


Doctor Spektor: Master of the Occult

Weekly Pull List May 28

Doctor Spektor: Master of the Occult – Dynamite

Dynamite Comics

Mark Waid, writer; Neil Edwards, artist

In Doctor Spektor: Master of the Occult, Dynamite is resurrecting an old Gold Key Comics character. I had never read this in the past, so I was going in with fresh eyes. In this Doctor Spektor has a ghost-hunter like reality television program. The difference is that in this comic book world, ghosts and vampires and spirits are real. Doctor Spektor has a problem though. After each time he successfully sends away a bad guy or gal, he slips into a deep depression. I won’t give away why but a lady is involved. After ending the vampire, Spektor’s next show deals with an older psychic woman and things go south. I am not normally big into the ‘mystic’ comic books, but this one was fun. Be wary when purchasing this comic, there are approximately 21 different covers ranging in price and availability.



Weekly Pull List May 28

Rai – Valiant Comics

Valiant Comics

Matt Kindt, writer; Clayton Crain, artist

Rai is back. It’s hard to say if he is better than ever because I did not read his original run. I probably won’t be reading any more of this one either. The story of a floating Japan int he 41st century does not really appeal to me. The art work was very nice in this book, the story seemed a little lacking. Rai is the main protector of Japan, who has not had a murder in 1000 years. As this is a comic book and things have to happen in comic books, murders start happening again and Rai is sent to find out why. It looks pretty but the story seems to be a rehash of things we have seen before.


Godzilla: Awakening

Weekly Pull List May 28

Godzilla: Awakening – Legendary


Max and Greg Borenstein, writers; Eric Battle, Yvel Guichet, Alan Guah, Lee Loughridge, artists

This is not an graphic novel adaptation of the movie. If you are expecting that, don’t. Go see the movie instead. This is the story that is somewhat alluded to in the movie. The story of when Godzilla appeared in the 1950’s. The plot between this and the movie are similar so if you get this book, do not get it for the story. The artwork is fantastic. Much like in the new movie, Godzilla here looks very menacing. One panel in particular shows the giant alpha predator swimming silently after a submarine.  At $19.99 though, this book does have a pretty hefty price tag for a comic book. You can also purchase at a discount on Amazon or by clicking here.

In other news, look for the image firsts titles. These are some of the recent additions to image that are on sale for a dollar in your local comic shop. These are a great jumping on point to see if the title is something you might be interested in reading at a low price. Like most image comics, they are for the more mature readers.

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