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Card of the Dead, A Zombie Card Game (REVIEW)



Players: 2 to 5
Playing Time: 20 minutes
Age: 10 and up
Publisher: Alderac Entertainment Group



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8/ 14

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Ease of play


Repetitive images, Boring and predictable game play

Posted August 28, 2013 by

In my house, we are currently on a card game kick. My daughter and I are Fluxx and Star Fluxx crazy. The fun thing with those games are that the rules are constantly changing and that some of the cards are downright funny. Those games can either go quickly or take a much longer time. This current card game frenzy of ours caused me to look for other similar card games. While at Fan Expo in Canada this last weekend, I picked up a new game, Card of the Dead, which is published by Alderac Entertainment Group.

The point of the game is to survive a zombie invasion, which sounds simple enough. The deck is filled with Zombie, Action, and Event. The zombie cards go immediately in front of the player. Based upon the action cards, the player can get rid of those zombie cards or can use the action cards as movement cards to escape the town. The event cards are played immediately when drawn and affect every person playing. The goal is to survive. You can win by either being the last person alive or the first person to escape the town. It sounds simple enough and while playing the game, we discovered that Card of the Dead is an easy game to pick up.

The problem for me is that simple did not translate into fun. I can definitely see why someone would like this game, especially if they were zombie crazy as many people are. The game play became boring and predictable. The basic idea of the game is a good one though. Possibly the game could be livened up with more fun cards. The cartoonish drawings of zombies does not help the game as there are only four of five drawings that the deck rotates between. Different drawings of zombies could help as well as more unique actions to perform. (An action card for hide is not very exciting or fun for instance.) The plus side is that while the actual scoring system seemed a little confusing at first, as we continued to play we got a better hang of it.

In all, I would not recommend this game. There are zombie games that are more fun that I would recommend. For a unique twist on the zombie game genre, try Munchkin Zombies. Card of the Dead is recommended for ages 10 and up and I had no trouble with that rating. It retails for around $10, but can be found for cheaper.

Nathan Gifford

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