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The newest piece of the puzzle that is the Marvel Cinematic Universe is about to be released. Guardians of the Galaxy will be released August 1st, but we at TheNerdyBomb were lucky enough to get an early glimpse. And what a glimpse it was. There’s no disappointment here, and here’s why.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Our “Heroes”

Guardians of the Galaxy

First off, the 3D experience of Guardians of the Galaxy was definitely worth it. It was well done, but not over done. From the beginning of the movie you could tell that the 3D was just going to be done right. Then, the scene after the cold open? Priceless. Watching Peter Quill (aka Star-Lord) dance around, singing to his precious tape deck and using a space-rat-creature as a microphone was an incredible start to a wholly fantastic movie. The tape deck actually leads to a supreme soundtrack, adding to the comedic aspect of the film.

Chris Pratt, who played Star-Lord, was a success from the start, though he came across as a very Ironman-esque playboy (which is a compliment, if anything). After he steals a mysterious Orb from the planet Morag, defeats some thugs, and tries to hawk it (much to the chagrin of his would-be-partner Merle… I mean Yondu), Quill quickly learns it’s too hot a commodity to sell. Ronan the Accuser, villain and denouncer of the peace between the Xanadarians and the Kree, wants the Orb of Morag and not many people are willing to stand in his way.

Guardians of the galaxy

C’mon… who wouldn’t want to mess with Ronan?

After Quill gets kicked out of the pawn shop, Gamora shows up. Another future Guardian, but she’s got her own agenda at the moment. It’s clear the Guardians aren’t going to start out as friends. Rocket and his humanoid plant bodyguard Groot show up as well, and it’s one big, not-so-merry fight until the Xandarian Nova police show up and drag them all off to jail. This fight scene between the Guardians themselves is pretty cool, but there are much better ones to come.

It’s not until our rag tag band of galaxy-saving heroes (or maybe anti-heroes is more appropriate) are thrown into The Kyln that they start thinking about working together. They also pick up their final member for this cinematic universe, Drax. Luckily, Rocket has a bit of experience breaking out of prisons (The Kyln is his 23rd) and in short order, comes up with a plan for escape. Which Groot promptly screws up completely, throwing them into a hasty escape that I imagine as a thrill ride at an amusement park. Take note, Disney.

Guardians of the Galaxy

I can definitely imagine riding in this, can’t you? It seems very Disney World.

They escape and head to Knowhere with the Orb, described as a mining colony, that exists in the decapitated head of a Celestial, which is essentially a giant, dead alien god. Cool. Gamora’s plan of her own to hawk the Orb centers around this place. The person she’s hawking it to? None other than The Collector. (Remember him from the ending of Thor: The Dark World? “One down, five to go.”)

So what’s inside of the Orb? An Infinity Stone (or Gem), like the Aether (given to The Collector at the end of Thor 2) and the Tesseract.

Guardians of the Galaxy

Clearly they don’t have to exist as actual stones anymore, though it does in Guardians of the Galaxy.

Unfortunately, before the deal can go down, Drax in all of his misery over losing his wife and daughter at Thanos’ hand calls in Ronan’s troops. He thinks he’s going to kill them and get revenge… and instead gets The Collector’s museum, and a large chunk of the Celestial’s head, blown up.

This is a major fight scene, and a definite low point for our Guardians. Gamora seems likely dead, Drax gets thrown into what can only be described as a vat of liquid, yellow fruit roll up (it’s actually Celestial spinal fluid) by none other than Ronan himself, and Quill about freezes to death after giving Gamora his mask trying to save her. (You can be sure that he used that to his advantage when trying to woo her later.) Rocket gets angry enough to beat up grass. It’s not a good time. In the midst of the battle, Nebula, one of Ronan’s right hand soldiers and sister to Gamora, blows up Gamora’s ship and steals off with the Orb.

Guardians of the Galaxy


They all manage to survive, of course, and are saved by Yondu, who they convince to help them retrieve the Orb. It’s a bit tense at first, what with all the death threats coming from all directions, but not a difficult feat once they convince Yondu, who still drooling over the amount of money he can get for it once he gets his hands on it again, that Gamora help them come up with a plan to steal the Orb back from Ronan, despite his power.

They, along with much help from Rocket Raccoon, formulate their plan and head towards the Dark Aster, Ronan’s Kree warship that he plans on using to take him to Xandar to destroy it. Thus begins the main action sequence. We learn that Yondu has what could be the

Guardians of the Galaxy

Rocket Raccoon and Groot

best weapon ever, the Yaka Arrow, which he uses to take out a squadron of Kree soldiers without moving anything but his lips. (It’s controlled by whistling) and that Nebula is all but indestructible. The Nova Corps, after responding to a message sent to them by Quill, show up to help with the fight. So they try to stop the Dark Aster from reaching the planet while Yondu’s Ravagers help Rocket shoot down Kree suicide bombers.

In the mean time, Quill flies his spaceship (which is awesome) through the hole made in the side of Dark Aster by Rocket and tries to stop Ronan face-to-face. Gamora and company get stopped by Nebula for a while, until she literally cuts her own hand off to escape onto a passing spaceship. Will it grow back? Probably. Groot holds his own after the get rid of Nebula and are trying to make their way to Ronan. He’s actually extremely handy in a fight, despite not being able to say anything except, “I am Groot.”

After using some of Rocket’s best explosives to try to destroy Ronan before he can touch down on Xandar, Dark Aster falls from the sky anyway and Ronan clearly intends to destroy the planet. Unfortunately, as the warship fell, Groot grew himself into a protective ball around his companions, which left him alive but him shattered into thousands of branches.

Luckily, Ronan fumbles and Star-Lord is able to grab the Infinity Stone (like a total prat, because he knows it will probably kill him). Gamora, Rocket, and Drax grab his hands and by splitting the torture that is touching the Stone between them, they’re able to contain its energy and survive long enough for Gamora to come to her senses and contain it inside another orb.

Guardians of the Galaxy

They did a pretty good job adapting the characters for screen, no?

Overall, it was a fantastic movie. On par with the Avengers and just as exciting an addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. To the theater’s great disappointment, there was no teaser after the credits at this showing. Maybe they’ll add something when it’s released August 1st? If not, there are going to be a whole lot of disappointed fans in addition to those of us already let down. There was of course the Stan Lee cameo to look forward to, and a cute disclaimer about “No raccoons or tree creatures” being harmed during the making of Guardians of the Galaxy.

There was one tidbit immediately before the credits though:

Guardians of the Galaxy Will Return.”

Watch the extended trailer here, and get a taste of Marvel’s latest: Guardians of the Galaxy.

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