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Jupiter Ascending – A Preview with Opinion and Speculation


Posted December 19, 2013 by

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The nerd world has long awaited a return to form by the Wachowski’s, and here it comes in the form of Jupiter Ascending. Yet, despite the visual splendor, despite the frames of grand-scale sci-fi, despite the alluring leads of Mila Kunis and Channing Tatum (plus pointy ears), there’s a nervous murmur in my soul about this one.


For a start, there’s Sean Bean —  playing Sean Bean — as he did in The Island, National Treasure, and many others. Isn’t there a director or casting agent in Hollywood getting a little bit tired of the real Mr. Bean’s earnest voice and wondering if another actor with suitable gravitas but a little more range could be worth a shot? Also, what’s the betting he turns out to be a villain all along?

A more worrying issue is the Star Wars-isms. There’s a royal highness hidden on one planet, old dudes wanting her dead, fleeing to another planet, recapture, falling off big buildings… and probably more. All we need is a camp robot and that’s a full house.


So she is Jupiter. And yes, she is descending.

Hopefully some deeply-imagined galactic skullduggery will soothe that murmur. Plenty of exotic scenery, a crashing wave of stylistic and artistic treats (David Allday is among the art direction team, responsible for Event Horizon, John Carter and the upcoming remake of The Man from U.N.C.L.E.) and a role for Terry Gilliam will prove the Wachowskis are back on track.  But, please guys, don’t make a trilogy out of it.

Jupiter Ascending drops July 2014.



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    Megan Wilson

    Sean Bean looks strikingly like Channing Tatum for some reason. LOL!

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