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Power Rangers Get Their First Movie In 17 Years


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The news is out that the Power Rangers will see a movie release for the first time since 1997.

Lionsgate will team with the show’s production company, Saban, to create the movie. The Power Rangers have been featured in a cinematic release only twice before, and both in the 90s. The 1995 feature introduced a brand new villain in Ivan Ooze, who transformed into a giant space robot with wings. The 1997 movie featured the Turbo Force squad.

According to TIME Magazine, the movie is set to feature the “original” Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, though it is unclear if their original actors will be involved in the film. It would only be the second time that team has made it to a full-length feature. The original movie featured the original team plus the White Ranger. There have been nearly 20 series since the team hit America, and recurring characters throughout. It is currently also unclear if Bulk and Skull, two bullies from the original series who have been among the recurring names in the various incarnations, will make an appearance.

“A Perfect Fit for the Power Rangers”

Saban praised Lionsgate as a natural fit to “elevating” the Power Rangers into a modern era film. The company has been in charge of popular movie series like Twilight and Hunger Games, and is about to start production of the second film in the Divergent series.

Lionsgate’s popularity among movie goers, and their ability to adapt and transform book series may help transform a Power Rangers movie into something that feels like a reboot, which could be a path the movie takes. There is virtually no word on how the movie will be written, but reboots have become popular among movie makers in recent years.

Saban and Lionsgate teaming up is the only production news Power Rangers fans currently have. Production schedules and casting are still up in the air at this point.

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