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We Like What We Know – Batman


Posted July 31, 2013 by

Before I begin, let me just say that for the record, I like Batman. The character is one that is almost globally recognized and universally accepted. We all know his backstory, we all know his rogue’s gallery, and we all know him.

Recently, it was announced that the new Superman movie would actually be a Batman vs Superman movie. (I will see it.) Cartoon Network debuted a new TV show in “Beware the Batman.” (Not traditional animation but instead all CG and not really my cup of Bat-tea.) DC launched another Batman book. (“Batman ‘66” which is based on the Adam West interpretation of Batman for those that remain fans of the 60’s TV show, of which I am not.) We are getting yet another Batman Arkham game as well.

With all this, you would think that DC had two main superheroes and then the rest are basically their sidekicks. It’s almost always either Batman or Superman. When a new character is launched outside of the comic books, it is handled poorly. Yes Green Lantern movie, I am talking to you. (Although, there was at one time a rumor floating around that they were going to cast Jack Black as Hal Jordan and turn the movie into a remake of “The Mask,” so I guess it is not as bad as it could have been.) When a network does have a semi-successful product, it gets cancelled in favor of bringing back The Bat. (Young Justice or Green Lantern on Cartoon Network. One was cancelled for the new Batman, the other cancelled to make way for the childish “Teen Titans Go!”)

One exception to all this seems to be the TV show “Arrow.” It has been introducing Green Arrow to a new crowd…or rather re-introducing. Green Arrow was already a sidekick to Superman…I mean, the Red/Blue Blur on Smallville. (For those that have not been watching “Arrow,” it is a rather good show and I would recommend getting caught up on it.)

I don’t fault those in charge though. I blame us, the fans. Not the hardcore fans, but the casual fan. We like what we know, but we don’t always know what we like. The announcement of a new Bat-product almost always brings excitement. If there was an announcement of a new Aquaman movie, we would get nothing but second rate jokes and Entourage references. If there was a new Martian Manhunter or Cyborg TV show, most people would question why.

Any story can be a good one if it is told correctly. In order to keep the superhero trend going, we need new stories. Bring us a Wonder Woman movie. Bring us The Flash. How about a Booster Gold cartoon? I would watch. What about SHAZAM!? (Dang…didn’t transform.)

Or bring us another Batman, as long as it’s good.

Just make it good.

Nathan Gifford

Nathan lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife, child and Zeus The Mighty, their dog. Nathan is a writer, a father, a songwriter, and a human.


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