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Artist Spotlight: Sean Monroy


Posted June 19, 2013 by

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Here at TheNerdyBomb, we love independent artists, like Amanda Bynes loves taking creepy pictures of herself. We have a passion for promoting artists we think are bringing fresh, new perspectives to their trade.

At TNB, we are also passionate about comics. We love comics. Strips, books, it doesn’t matter. We love reading them-it takes us back to a place and time where you could play in the front yard without supervision, your mom did all your laundry, and summer lasted forever. So, in that spirit, when we find awesome independent artists like Sean Monroy, we latch on and demand an interview (and hopefully a few articles in the future). If you haven’t heard of this guy, you’ve probably at least seen his work. His images have appeared in works such as Tomb Raider, Mystic & The First for CrossGen comics; BioWars comics for Blue Fountain Media & Thailandia for Guru, and our very own Megan Wilson has the honor of calling him a friend.

Sean Monroy got his start writing comics at a very early age. When asked about his artistic beginnings, he distinctly remembers drawing his first characters in first grade. His art was no doubt encouraged by his father, Bert Monroy, who has received worldwide attention for his work in Photoshop. (For a glimpse at Bert’s work, go to Sean was captivated by the action that jumped off the screen, and learned to read by spending his time reading comic books.

Sean says he’s inspired by the immense amount of creativity out in the world, and how it tests the limits of other writers and artists. He’s inspired by Bryan Azarello (100 Bullets, Wonder Woman), Jack Kirby (Capitan America, X Men, Fantastic Four, Hulk) , Ed Brubaker (Scenes of the Crime, Batman)and Alan Moore (Watchmen, V for Vendetta).

He also derives inspiration on an international level. Back in 2011, Sean moved to Thailand for a year. During that time, he fell in love with Thailand’s artistic approach to comics. Sean says that the characters are completely different, from the colors they use to the way you read the comics-from the back and left. What also interested him was the level of censorship-no mention of the government or the king may be made in the mainstream comics. Sean landed himself a gig as a comic artist for the Bangkok Post, and still writes for them today.

It’s not just lucky breaks that have landed Sean where he is. Sean says that his secret to success in his field is taking jobs that have nothing to do with comics, and taking jobs that don’t pay well. By working hard and having a creative eye, Sean says that doors open for him that lead to artistic jobs.

You can see Sean’s work on his website at His work has been featured in Tomb Raider Journeys, Scion, Mystic, and The First, as well as independent comics Jason Imagination and Chamber. His artwork has been featured on Tech TV and Pixel Perfect as well as at NAPP Photoshop seminars and lectures. His artwork has been featured in two published books; Commercial Photoshop and Photoshop Studio.




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