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Attention Space Enthusiasts: NASA Social wants YOU!


Posted February 22, 2014 by

Attention, young men and women! If you are the proud owner of an account on every social media platform out there… If you have devised a system to reach as many followers as possible with just a few simple clicks… If you are an Instagram celebrity, and you get all giddy with excitement when someone follows you on Twitter, then NASA wants you!

NASA rocket launch

Imagine witnessing this awesome moment. Here’s a story to tell your grandchildren.

Let’s be honest here for a minute. The world wants to know everything about your cat’s napping habits, and you cater to their desires. Just think if you could do more! What if you could travel to the Moon, or build the next highly innovative satellite? Chances are, if you haven’t done it by now, it is simply not going to happen. But NASA hears you. They know that every one of us has—at some point during our childhood, or even our adult life—dreamed about becoming an astronaut and seeing the stars. While they cannot put you in the commander’s seat on the next mission to Mars, they still want to offer you the next best thing: the possibility to visit the locations where the magic happens, and be a journalist for a day or two.

NASA is the equivalent of Disney World for space enthusiasts. Now they want you to live and breathe the same air that they breathe. They’re going to give you the chance to be in the same room with astronauts and space engineers, to witness a rocket launch. Are you hyperventilating yet? It sounds too good to be true, so there must be a catch, right? Right?

NASA Mission Control

You see that empty chair? Yup, that could be you sitting on it.

Actually, there is not, and that is the beauty of it all. The NASA Social programs are, surprisingly, very straight forward. If you have any type of social media account and you meet their requirements, you could be selected to receive social media credentials and cover a major event at one of NASA’s many locations. Plain and simple. Now, about those requirements….

So, NASA chooses you because they believe that you have the potential to reach many people, even those who would not be interested in the space program if it wasn’t thanks to your live coverage of the events. In other words, NASA believes that you are somewhat of a social media celebrity, and they want you to witness the awesome and spread the word. Congratulations, you have just earned your bragging rights. You convince yourself, “as amazing as this all sounds, there could not possibly be any cons to this.” Unfortunately, there are, but they are not deal breakers. In fact, there are more pros than cons to the program. Even the so-called cons are really not that bad.

As you can probably imagine by now, such an opportunity comes with a price. Even though NASA will not charge you for it, which is actually one of the amazing pros, you will be required to travel to your destination, and that, my fellow space enthusiast, is on you. NASA will not pay for that, lodging, or food for that matter. Come on now, they are on a limited budget already, you wouldn’t expect them to pay for your accommodations too, right?

Oh, and did we mention that you have to pass a security clearance? And yes, what if the weather does not cooperate and plans change? What if that launch that you were excited about gets postponed? Yup, that is a possibility also. But let’s think about it for a minute… A once in a lifetime opportunity to make your childhood dreams come true for a few hours. The possibility to be up close to a rocket that hours later will be in space. Let me say that again: in space. I don’t know about you, but I am already signing up and stalking their every account… because you never know, maybe their commander gets sick at the last minute and hey! You are already there, right?

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