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Posted June 23, 2014 by

So, I’m going back to school.

When I graduated from college in December of 2010, I had a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism with a concentration in broadcast, and a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. I also graduated with a minor in Social Sciences.

I immediately began thinking about the future and what I wanted to do. I enjoyed school, even though my grades were only slightly above average. I wanted to get a Master’s degree in Communications and one day teach at the college level. Unfortunately, I was also a full-time father to a newborn and full-time employee. I couldn’t make graduate school work.

Instead, I’ve been working at a small community newspaper for two years now. But, that yearn to teach is still there. And now, as of June 10, 2014, I am a student in a Master of Art’s in Teaching program.

My School

These three columns are the most identifiable part of my school’s campus. Due to budget cuts, they couldn’t afford the rest of the building.

School never bothered me. Sure, I’m lazy and easy to distract, but I can do the work. I can wait until my daughter goes to bed and do all my reading and working then. I can spend a couple years back in grad school and make things work. Graduating and getting my Master’s will be another life goal accomplished… Then, I think of what I’m giving up.

The whole reason I write at this website is because I am a nerd and I love writing on the topics of video games, comics, and similar subjects. I am feverishly trying to complete watch_dogs and Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. E3 featured announcements of wonderful games coming down the pike. Now what do I do?

My school does not have many haystacks random strewn about.

Not much of this, apparently.

I realize I’m being kind of silly here. Sure, I know that being responsible and doing my work ahead of time would allow me freedom on the weekends to maybe to a little gaming or extracurricular reading, but, I also know I’ve devoted myself to two or possible more years of actually having to do homework again.

According to old stereotypes, as a nerd, I should enjoy being back in school, but… come on. This could cost me valuable time in the Batmobile… I mean, is it all worth it?

I hate to sound cheesy in closing this out, but, yes, education is very much worth it. And, who knows? Maybe I’ll get to teach some little nerdlings someday and be able to better keep up with a culture that will threaten to pass me by.

Joe Cunningham

Nerd and political junkie. Husband and father. Journalist and columnist. Unserious and opinionated. Crazy right-winger.


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