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graze – A New Way to Snack


Posted March 22, 2014 by

I am a snacker. I could be working, playing games, driving, reading, or watching television and the chances are that I am snacking. When I was younger, this was not that big of a problem for me. My metabolism was such that I could snack and not gain an ounce.

Fast forward 25 years and time has caught up with me.  I still snack… and it shows. The young man that could put away a bag of mini-powdered sugar donuts and not bat an eye has turned into the middle aged man—whose snack choices should be limited to celery and soy nuts—who often makes the wrong choices.

dark rocky road

dark rocky road


boston baguettes

That is why I am thrilled with graze. Every two weeks, I get a new snack box with four individually packaged healthy snacks that taste good. We are not talking just dry roasted and unsalted cashews, either. My first nibble box contained some very ingenious concoctions. They had a mixture of pecans, dried cranberries, and dark chocolate called the dark rocky road. This one did have a fair amount of calories in it (180) but it also had protein, vitamins, and minerals. In that same box was my favorite snack so far, the boston baguettes. These were small tomato breadsticks and BBQ relish that checked in at only 80 calories. The only downside that I have yet to find is that they do not have any nut-free offerings.

The company charges $6.00 for each box, which is a fair price. Not only are you getting healthy foods already portioned out to you, delivers them straight to your mailbox. If you get something that you do not care for, for instance the mississippi bbq pistachios that I got and did not enjoy, you just go to the website and give them feedback on that item and they will take it out of your rotation. Conversely, if there is something that you loved, positive feedback will ensure that it gets delivered more frequently.

At this time, is still by invitation only for the most part, although by going to, you should be able to sign up with an invitation code. To read more about their history, check out graze about us.

Nathan Gifford

Nathan lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife, child and Zeus The Mighty, their dog. Nathan is a writer, a father, a songwriter, and a human.


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