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Midoricon 2.5 and Presenting Your First Panel


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Midoricon 2.5

Midoricon 2.5 has come and gone. Midoricon 2.5 is an anime convention that was held at the Shawnee State Park Lodge in West Portsmouth, OH. Unfortunately, Imidoricon 2.5 only got to go on Sunday. I missed a lot of what sounds like awesome activities on Saturday. The Midorimura Feudal Village replica, in which con-goers were able to set up shop and peddle some of their wares, sounds like a great idea. There was a Foam Weapon Battle Pit—who doesn’t want to battle with giant foam weapons. Then, the Feudal Fashion Show & Cosplay Contest. All sound like a good time. I’m most disappointed that I missed the Saturday night Pool Glow Party! There was also the Team Rocket Pokemon Challenge, a Pajama Cosplay Party, and Saturday Morning 90s Anime-Thon. Midoricon 2.5 Saturday panels were to include the main events listed in the following image:

midoricon 2.5


On Sunday, there was Sunday Morning Karaoke and Artist’s Alley was still open, with various artists and creators selling their wares. Then, of course, there was my very own panel, an Introduction to Worbla. (I’m even in the program! You can see a description in the featured image.)

Presenting A Panel

So what was it like presenting a panel? I’ll say first that it was definitely less nerve-racking than I expected it to be. Then again, most con-goers are pretty cool people, so that always helps. Presenting panels seems so glamorous to me. Panelists are the elite of the conventions. I was excited to become a part of that aspect of the con.

Once the karaoke was over, I simply went into the panel room and set up my display items. I took everything with me that I have been using to create costume pieces from the Worbla. The costume that I’m currently working on is of Mercenary Katarina from League of Legends, so all of the costume pieces I displayed were from her in-game character’s costume.

Midoricon 2.5 was an excellent convention for a first-time panelist because it wasn’t extremely large. Presenting somewhere like Ohayocon that sees around 15,000 people would have been overwhelming. I had around 20-30 people sit in on my panel. Some of them were extremely interested in learning about Worbla because they wanted to start working with it themselves. At least two groups of people who watched the panel were grateful for the tips, which is really what the point of the panel was!

midoricon 2.5

Some of my fabulous panel attendees.

 I started off by explaining what materials I used, then did a demonstration of how to work with Worbla and gave some useful tips that I learned while working with it. In the last ten minutes, I invited the con-goers to come up on the platform and take a look at all of the pieces up close. It was a very informal panel. I took questions as they came, and also asked for questions at the end. The con co-chairs even told me personally that they enjoyed my panel. High praise for someone who has never done a panel before!

midoricon 2.5

My First Panel

It was a wonderful experience. I’m glad I decided to make the leap and present panels myself. I’m looking forward to presenting at A&G this coming weekend. I’m presenting two panels at that con. One will be on Saturday and the other on Sunday. A&G takes place in Covington, from April 4-6th. For more info about those panels, check out our first edition of Geekly Reader. Keep your eyes peeled for articles about that con, coming soon.

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