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I can’t be the only one who loved to mess around in MS Paint as a child. To be clear, as anyone who has had the misfortune of being my Pictionary partner knows, I draw about as well as Michael Jordan plays baseball. Stick figures are about as good as it gets with me to this day, but I always wished I could draw. The bad news is: I still can’t draw. The good news is: It’s a lot of fun trying.

Paper by 53 Studios gives you the tools and an intuitive interface to sketch, write notes, create graphs, and charts, or just mess around. When you start the app, a welcome screen shows you everything you need to know about how to use the app and then sets you free to unleash your creativity with 3 journals. Making Paper is a visual instruction manual on all the tools and features, the other two journals Ideas and Sketches are blank. It doesn’t get easier to understand and use this app. I would imagine it would be a great app for parents with kids to help keep their walls free from crayons.

The variety of tools is one of the best parts. There are 6 tools in total.

The calligraphy pen (Draw Tool) is my favorite and the most fun to use. You start with just this tool, the eraser, and 8 colors to use. The other tools are sold for 1.99 each or get all 4 in the essentials pack for 6.99. There is also a color mixer – pick one color, pick a second color, spin your finger to mix them together. Like a particular shade? Tap and hold it and drag the new hue onto your palette choices. Color is available as an in app purchase for 1.99 and is a must have.

Everything is built to be easy to use and if you mess up, easy to erase. By moving two fingers in a circle either forward or backward you can scrub through your picture’s timeline. Rewinding and fast forwarding through your drawing process. Other cool features include an easy way to (attempt in my case) draw details as you can pull your fingers apart to zoom in and create a sort of magnifying glass you can move around the screen to work with places in detail.

Outside of the actual drawing or note taking, each journal (you can have over 25 at one time with up to 50 pages each) looks like a premium moleskin notebook with customizable preset covers or you can upload a photo from your device.

The app makes sharing easy too. You can save photos to your device, or share to tumblr, facebook, twitter, or through email. You can also view other artists work in the Made With Paper section. It is amazing what people have created with this app.

This is a must have iPad app. The in app purchases can get expensive, but even if you don’t want to purchase anything it is still the best drawing app on Ios and Android. I made a video showcasing some of the features, and how even the worst drawers can make a passable picture with a lot of help from Paper by 53 studios.

Jeremy Dawson

Writer from Lexington, KY


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