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Podcast Primer: How Did This Get Made?


Posted May 17, 2014 by

How Did This Get Made

Avg. Run Time: 1 Hour

Genre: Comedy/Film

Publisher: Earwolf


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Cinema. The power to capture moments larger than life. A microcosm of quintessentially human drama flickering in front of our eyes at 24 frames a second. Be sure to set the mood. Silence is needed. Dim the lights and take a moment to appreciate the subtle composition of the shot, the cinematography, and the performances.

There is a certain class of movie that stands apart however. Films that are best appreciated loudly and with a group of friends. A movie so bad that it is good. Troll 2. Mortal Kombat. Battlefield Earth. The best worst movies of all time. This podcast is about those films.

The Theme Song

Paul Scheer (Andre from The League, and every ‘I Love the..’ show on VH1), his wife June Diane Rafael (Sadie from New Girl), and Jason Mantzoukas (Raffi “El Cunado” from The League) are the hosts. Each week they pick a cinematic travesty to watch and then discuss it. All in the hopes of answering the age old question, “How Did This Get Made?” That’s why it is the title of the podcast. It’s kinda like their thesis… never mind.

In addition to the hosts, there is a rotating special guest each week. Mostly the special guest is an actor or comedian friend like Michael Ian Black or Kevin Smith who will add to the laughs. On rare occasions, they will have someone who was involved in the development of the movie. These are some of my favorite episodes and highlight one of the best parts of the series. Although they are poking fun at bad cinema, it is never spiteful or mean-spirited. They have a real sort of appreciation for the films they are talking about.

The discussion is always loose and, as they are comedians, really funny. They discuss the plot holes, acting, and share some interesting trivia about the film. After they have discussed the movie, they like to give a second opinion. They pick the most hyperbolic 5 star reviews off Just goes to show that you can find someone who loves anything. (Or, you know, people on the Internet lie in their reviews.)

In between each main episode, they release a smaller “prequel” where they introduce the movie they will be watching next and invite the listener to watch along. Occasionally there will be live shows recorded in front of an audience that had just screened the film, and they take questions from them in addition to the regular show.

Some of my favorite episodes so far have been on Daredevil, Godzilla, Anaconda, Sharknado, Street Fighter, The Devil’s Advocate, and Catwoman.

You’ll Never Think About Reindeer Games the Same Again…

One of my favorite episodes was on the Crank series of films. They had the director on, and it was a very special episode. The question wasn’t How Did This Get Made because it’s so terrible. Instead, they asked How Did This Get Made because it is so completely insane and awesome they were surprised any studio greenlit the film.

Not only is this podcast a laugh a minute, it is also an insight into the process of making a movie. The hosts aren’t only incredibly funny, they are smart. If you’re a movie buff or want to start laughing inappropriately wherever you wear headphones, check it out.

Jeremy Dawson

Writer from Lexington, KY


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