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MLP 3 Character Collector Set (REVIEW)

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When I was a kid, I would run into my parents’ bedroom every morning, eyes wide open and rather panicky with excitement

“Good morning, honey,” my mom would say, “what did you dream about last night?”

“My Little Ponies!” I would shriek.

“Oh…again? Are—are you sure you didn’t dream about something else?”

“I’m sure!” I wasn’t lying. I really did dream about them. Every night. I would then promptly delve into the latest dream scape pony adventure, oblivious of my clearly fatigued audience.

These days, I’m rarely so excited about anything, but I came pretty close when I was given the chance to dive into some childhood nostalgia and check out some of the new MLP figures. First, let’s take a look at the My Little Pony Spa Pony Set, featuring Lotus Blossom, Zecora, and the ever-so-random Pinkie Pie.


If I were a kid, this would probably be one of the first things I would go for on the shelf. Colorful, fairly elaborate and detailed packaging—the only slightly irritating thing was that the little cardboard cutouts with their names kept shifting around, which can come across as cheaply packaged, as well as just making it annoying to figure out who’s who. Granted, this is a pretty minor detail to loyal MLP fans, who doubtless already know them by sight.

First up, Pinkie Pie!


I really like this figure: about two inches high, well-painted (note the eyes), and surprisingly detailed. Her mane and tail are especially well-sculpted, I was pleasantly surprised to see this much detail on such a small figure.


There’s a tiny bit of slip-up on the painting at the base of the tail, but, overall, I’m impressed.  Next up is Zecora:


She’s a bit larger than the others, standing at about 2 1/2” from hoof to mane. I’m not as fond of this one, simply because it’s just not painted as well. Instead of stripes, she has a paint spatter on her back, and the lines aren’t as clean around the jewelry.


I did some poking around online: most of the other Zecora figures looked fine, and none of them had the paint spatter. Still, something to be checking for if you’re particular about stuff like that.  Last but not least in this set, Lotus Blossom:


The colors on her are nice, and I really like the detailing on the lotus. Her pose is the most interesting of the trio, but, if you get up close, several things seem to have gone overlooked.


The decals that they used for the eyes already seem to be peeling up a bit on one side, the paint is sloppy and consists of varying thicknesses (solid on the head, thinning around the tail), and the seams on the plastic from the mold go right across her face.  A cute figure, but she has her flaws (don’t we all?).


All in all, I’d say it’s not a bad MLP set. Minor flaws here and there, mostly consisting of manufacturing flaws, something easy to avoid if you just take a second to really check out the particular toy you’re buying. I look forward to adding these to the rapidly growing, already out-of-control collection of MLP ponies and unicorns I keep at my desk.

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