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Twilight Sparkle MLP Crystal Empire Figure (REVIEW)

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I was able to check out the Twilight Sparkle Crystal Empire figure—with included DVD, of course.



The DVD contains the episode “The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000.” This is the fifteenth episode in MLP’s second season. The Apple family never makes enough cider for every pony, so, twin brothers Flim and Flam attempt to take over, challenging the Apples to a cider-making competition for ownership of the Apple orchard. A modern take of the John Henry versus the steam drill, the episode is more than a little terrifying when you see a sea of ponies chanting in unison and jumping up and down, wide-eyed and slavering at the prospect of fresh cider.

Twilight Sparkle herself actually reminds me a lot of the MLPs I grew up with when I was a kid; the rounded edges, hair and stance harken back to ponies of the 80’s. I do miss the more sharply-angled face of the originals, but she’s still very endearing.



Plus, her head can pivot 360°, so you can do stuff like this!

Twilight Sparkle


Creepy, yeah?



As you can see, she’s colored quite differently from her cartoon counterpart—she’s much more fuchsia with accents of purple, instead of the other way around. Not really sure why they inverted the colors, maybe Hasbro thought that pink would sell more? Her mane and tail came with little clear plastic, elastic bands wrapped around them, and I rather wish I hadn’t taken them off, as it made her hair much more susceptible to tangling and uncurling.

Speaking of hair, I couldn’t help but be bothered by the fact that this My Little Pony looked like it had recently received My Little Hair Plugs. The hair along the base of the head isn’t as noticeable, since the hair is grouped closer together. A few extra rows of hair and this could have been avoided.



Twilight Sparkle came with a couple of cute accessories, including sunglasses, and a book.




The glasses are kind of awkward to put on, and they slide off pretty easily. I’m not really sure how you would make glasses better fit a pony’s facial structure, but that’s why I’m not the one making the big bucks designing these things. I do like the book, though, as quite a bit of design work has gone into it, and it opens up, a nice little touch. Overall, a good figure, if not a bit higher-maintenance than the Spa Pony Set.

Update: I’ve discovered a bonus use for this figure. Last night, after reviewing Twilight Sparkle, I heard some scrabbling and a few small crashes. When I came out the next morning, I found this:



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