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Sailor Moon’s Wand Kicks Off Bandai’s New Proplica Line


Posted October 23, 2013 by

For years, Sailor Moon fans have used cheap toys or concocted their own DIY wands. Whether for dress-up or general display, many a fan have clamored for something more official. Bandai recognized these various needs and is releasing the “PROPLICA Moon Stick” in April 2014.

sailor moon proplica

What’s a proplica? As the name alludes, these items are half-prop/half-replica and are meant to cater to adults looking for both play and realism in their collector’s items. Take a look at the features for the Sailor Moon wand:

– full-scale reproduction
– 7 color LED
– display stand
– voice recordings by Kotono Mitsuishi

Their asking price? 8,800 yen, which currently equates to about 90 bucks. Not bad for super fans, huh? Worse comes to worst, if that’s too much for your wallet, you could always just go the construction paper route like this guy:




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