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Doctor Who Season 8 – A Look Ahead


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As of now, we are about a month away from the start of the new season of Doctor Who and, as of yet, not much is known. Well, not much is known by us. Sure there were some Doctor Who Season 8 scripts leaked online for the first several episodes, but where is the fun in that? If I wanted to read… I would grab a book.

Doctor Who Season 8 Trailer

Here at TheNerdyBomb, we don’t read ahead when it comes to things like this. Part of the joy of watching something like Doctor Who is the shared experience of watching it. From the above trailer, it does look like we are in for a wild ride. The image of the dinosaur walking through London alone would be enough to sell me.

The actual name of the first episode has been released through official channel. On August 23rd, “Deep Breath” will be broadcast. From the trailer up above, it seems that this Doctor will be decidedly different from the previous few incarnations. We don’t see the fun loving attitude that Smith or Tennant brought to the role. In the trailer we also hear the dreaded Dalek’s return.

For those of us that don’t want to wait until August 23rd for our dose of The Doctor, there is good news. Titan Comics has started two new series, both chronicling further adventures of previous Doctors, numbers 10 and 11 respectively, with a series for the Peter Capaldi Doctor coming in November. In both cases, they also get new traveling companions.

Number 10

Doctor Who Season 8

Doctor Who

The adventures of the David Tennant era Doctor take place after he had to leave Donna Noble but before his regeneration. It is near impossible to read the bubbles for The Doctor without hearing Tennant’s familiar accent. The art manages to make The Doctor look like The Doctor of that time. The issue ends with a brief stand-up comedy routine from a Sontaran, which is not as funny as we would hope.

Number 11

Doctor Who Season 8

Doctor Who

The adventures of the Matt Smith era Doctor take place right after the marriage of the Ponds but before The Doctor comes back into their lives. The story is still there but the art leaves a bit to be desired, especially when we are talking about The Doctor’s face. The end of this issue comes with a couple of short comedy pieces, one with The Doctor doing a commercial for “The Bank of Silence” and one called “Pond Life,” where Amy and Rory are sitting on the couch while River gets ready for a date, which was mildly humorous.

Netflix/Amazon Prime/Hulu

Or you could watch Classic Doctor Who on the many streaming services. Not all episodes are available, but a good amount are. Hulu also has both the Sarah Jane Adventures and the animated specials.

Otherwise, the countdown for Doctor Who Season 8 has begun.

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