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Face Off Recap: Season 08 Episode 07 – Queen Bees


Posted February 25, 2015 by

Face Off Logo(Image Credit: Syfy/Face Off)

Happy Wednesday! It’s time for another Face Off recap here on TheNerdyBomb. We’ve got a line-up of all the Face Off recaps from the past few episodes in case you need to catch up. We’re over halfway through the current season, and it has proven to be an amazing one. Let’s get started!


Our remaining contestants head to the lab, and walk in to a bunch of hats sitting atop poles. McKenzie is waiting, and announces that our foundation challenge for this week is to create a character based on one of the hats. Lois Burwell will be the guest judge this week.

Our contestants have two hours to create their pieces, and when time runs out, Lois declares Emily the winner.

Next Stop: Canyon Ranch. Our artists meet McKenzie out in a field, where she explains that the area has been used for major TV productions such as The Office, SOA, and True Blood. She reveals that the challenge this week will center around insects. Throughout the area there are different insect habitats set up, along with images of the insects which the contestants will use to create their creatures. Additionally, the entire challenge will take place in the woods.

Cue the completely naked models walking out… It’s a body painting challenge. Nix Herrera is another guest this week. Our contestants will work in teams, and have 5.5 hours to create two insect-themed characters. Cuckoo Wasp, Jewel Beetle, European Hornet, Ladybug, and a Honey Bee. Our returning champions come into consult with each team and offer their advice. Many teams change their ideas when the champions weigh in.

Many of the teams are running into problems. One of the main problems is that as the sun moves, the colors in the background change, which makes the teams that chose to have one person as a “background” have to change their paint colors to match the actual background they are putting their characters up against to camouflage into.

Time runs out, and a photographer shows up to photograph the scenes our artists have created.

Here’s what they turned out:

Face Off S08 Ep07 Stephanie & Darla(Image Credit: Syfy/Face Off)

Face Off S08 Ep07 Adam & Rob(Image Credit: Syfy/Face Off)

 Face Off S08 Ep07 Kelly & Ben(Image Credit: Syfy/Face Off)


Face Off S08 Ep07 Emily & Jamie(Image Credit: Syfy/Face Off)

 Face Off S08 Ep07 Logan & Julian(Image Credit: Syfy/Face Off)

The judges examine each picture, and call Logan & Julian up first. The judges really enjoy how they used both models to create the insect. Darla & Stephanie come up next, and aspects of their piece are described as “jarring,” and the judges think they “missed opportunities.” Adam & Rob come forward, and the ladybug doesn’t communicate well with the judges. Ve calls the ladybug face like something out of a county fair. Emily & Jamie are up, and finally there’s some positive feedback. Ben & Kelly are next, and while the camo piece passes the test, the insect doesn’t translate well with the judges.

What a week. The judges deliberate, and announce Logan & Julian the champions for the week, with Logan taking home the win. Eliminated this week was Rob. (HOW DOES ADAM KEEP DODGING THE BULLET?!)

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments!

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