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Face Off Recap: Season 08 Episode 08 – Dressed to Kill


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Wednesday is Face Off day! Have you been following along this season? We’ve got all the recaps you need right here on TheNerdyBomb.

We open this episode with our crew at Whiskey a Go Go, where Clive Barker appears on a TV screen. Clive gives the contestants some tips, and McKenzie introduces some fashion-forward models and reveals that our spotlight challenge will be for each contestant to create their own horror villain based on these avant-garde models. The contestants head into the famous club to start their designs.

The returning champions show up to help their teams get their concepts planned out. Stephanie is having a terrible time deciding on which direction to take her piece.

Day one comes to an end, and at the start of day two, Stephanie has a clear idea as to what her character will look like. Darla is trying to do a stretched-skin idea on her model, and it’s just not working. Adam’s mold has cracked, and he’s not sure what he’s going to do to fix it. He ends up applying plumber’s epoxy to it and hoping for the best.

It’s day three, and Kelly opens the door to a mangled, second-skinned mask. While she’s not happy, since she’s working on a horror character, it actually may play to her benefit. The models arrive and it’s time for application. Airbrushes are flying, prosthetics are being glued down… it’s insane in the lab. Emily starts applying her model’s yarn cage apparatus, and while painting the yarn, it starts to collapse, which is a huge bummer—it was a great idea. She ends up scrapping it and using feathers instead.

Time runs out, and the contestants head to the spotlight reveal stage. We’ve got all the judges, plus Mark Alan Miller, one of Clive Barker’s right-hand men. Let’s see what they came up with!

Face Off S08 Ep08 Adam(Image Credit: Syfy/Face Off)

Face Off S08 Ep08 Ben(Image Credit: Syfy/Face Off)

Face Off S08 Ep08 Darla(Image Credit: Syfy/Face Off)

Face Off S08 Ep08 Emily(Image Credit: Syfy/Face Off)

Face Off S08 Ep08 Jamie(Image Credit: Syfy/Face Off)

Face Off S08 Ep08 Julian(Image Credit: Syfy/Face Off)

Face Off S08 Ep08 Kelly(Image Credit: Syfy/Face Off)

Face Off S08 Ep08 Logan(Image Credit: Syfy/Face Off)

Face Off S08 Ep08 Stephanie(Image Credit: Syfy/Face Off)

Adam, Logan, and Darla are deemed safe. Julian is up first, and the judges love him—except for Neville Page. Emily is next, and the judges were really impressed with her piece, with the guest judge calling it extraordinary. Stephanie is next, and Neville is critical of her piece right off the bat. Calling it sympathetic instead of sad, she gets nothing good from the judges. Kelly comes up, and her piece leaves the judges wanting more, with Ve saying her piece is the most disturbing thing she’s seen in ages. Jamie is next, and her piece just doesn’t go over well with anyone—which she expects. Ben comes up, and his piece gets good marks from the judges not only for the sculpt, but for how he worked the wardrobe into the makeup.

The judges deliberate, and declare Ben the winner of the challenge. (I feel like Kelly got screwed!) The judges decide to eliminate Jamie this week.

Do you agree with the judges? Let us know in the comments!

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