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Face Off Recap: Season 08 Episode 09 – Miss Intergalactic


Posted March 11, 2015 by

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(Credit: SyFy/Face Off)

Happy Face Off Wednesday Nerdy Bombers! It’s time to recap this week’s episode. We’ve only got eight contestants left, and competition is getting fierce.

Our artists are in Long Beach, and McKenzie is waiting for them in front of a group of models—each next to a table with seven bowls full of colored holi powder, much like the powder seen in the Holi Festival. The challenge is to create a character based on spring using only these powders and their hands. The judges are the returning champions, and they choose Stephanie as the winner. She’s been on the bottom quite a bit, so this is a welcome reprieve for her.

The artists then go to the Spotlight Stage, and it’s empty expect for McKenzie and dress forms. McKenzie reveals that the challenge this week will be for each artist to create a beautiful alien. Gabriela Isler, Miss Universe, walks out, and dishes out advice to the contestants. McKenzie says that all of the aliens will be competing in a Miss Intergalactic pageant. Here are the galaxies our contestants get:

Ben – Miss Andromeda Galaxy

Emily – Miss Pinwheel Galaxy

Logan – Miss Comet Galaxy

Julian – Miss Whirlpool Galaxy

Stephanie – Miss Tadpole Galaxy

Starla – Miss Scupltor Galaxy

Adam – Miss Cigar Galaxy

Kelly – Miss Sombrero Galaxy

The winner will also have a full page spread in Entertainment Weekly, so there’s a lot on the line.

Our artists get sketching out their ideas, and head back to the lab for their 5.5 hours of sculpting work. The champions come to help guide their team artists in the right direction, and Kelly is immediately having problems. Her original idea isn’t going over well, and she has to scrap that idea and start over. By the end of the day, everyone has set ideas, and some are sculpting.

Day two arrives, and everyone has 9.5 hours to create. Most of the artists are molding at this point. Ben has undertaken a huge four-piece mold process—it’ll be interesting to see if it works out well. Not much goes wrong (amazingly), and the application phase arrives. Not many  contestants are ready for last looks. The majority of the contestants are concerned about time, and are trying to get their pieces finished with just minutes on the clock.

It’s time for the reveal stage, and all our regular judges are present, along with Senior Editor of Entertainment Weekly, Darren Franich.

Let’s see what our Miss Intergalactic Pageant holds! (Author Note: This was, by far, one of the hardest episodes to get good shots of the creatures from, so my apologies in advance!)

Face Off S08 Ep09 Adam(Credit: SyFy/Face Off)

Face Off S08 Ep09 Ben(Credit: SyFy/Face Off)

Face Off S08 Ep09 Darla(Credit: SyFy/Face Off)

Face Off S08 Ep09 Emily(Credit: SyFy/Face Off)

Face Off S08 Ep09 Julian(Credit: SyFy/Face Off)

Face Off S08 Ep09 Kelly(Credit: SyFy/Face Off)

Face Off S08 Ep09 Logan(Credit: SyFy/Face Off)

Face Off S08 Ep09 Stephanie(Credit: SyFy/Face Off)

The judges deliberate, and Logan, Emily, and Stephanie are safe. First up for critique is Adam. The judges love his side profile, and wish it had translated to the frontal view. However, they’re pleased with his piece. Kelly is up next, and the judges aren’t really happy with her piece. Then Julian, and the judges are as impressed with his character as I am. This is the first time he’s really done a great job. Him and Adam both really blew me away this week. It’s Darla’s turn, and the judges are just ga-ga over her alien, which really surprised me. Ben comes forward, and while the judges love his form, but describe the execution as “off.”

The judges deliberate, and decide that Darla is the winner, and Kelly is eliminated.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Let us know in the comments!

Megan Wilson




    Thought Darla’s was amazingly beautiful! The balance and harmony of the head sculpture was master level work and the overall impression was just very classy and elegant. The other two top looks were also very good but I thought each had some small issue that kept them a notch below Darla’s look.

    I did not understand Stephanie’s win on the beach, however…and thought the entire concept for that challenge was a little boring. It felt like a stretch to use that concept for a challenge in this show…

    Are other people as amused and entertained with McKenzie’s fake sadness and empathy when sending the contestant home every week? Or that she wears different versions of the same 3 dresses week after week? I’ve never figured out why she’s there? Why not just let one of the judges introduce each challenge?


      I actually found this post googling “McKenzie’s fake sadness.”
      Is that hilarious or what? It is so annoying that I turn the sound down and look away as she tries to win an Oscar for the eliminations. McKenzie? Please stop!

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