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Face Off Recap: Season 8 Ep 2: Monkey Business


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Welcome to this week’s Face Off recap! Last week’s Face Off recap is up, and the episode ended really abruptly, with McKenzie announcing that our teams have to add a third character to their line-up—a primate ruler. Thankfully, McKenzie starts off this episode revealing that the teams will have an extra day to complete their alien/primate crew. Our teams can choose from:

Squirrel Monkey

Brown Lemur

White Faced Capuchin


Olive Baboon


Our teams choose their primates, and start sketching. They go back to the warehouse, where they start molding. Michael Westmore does his walk through, giving each team his thoughts and advice. The clock runs down, and each team is exhausted at the end of the day. We cut to a BBQ where the returning pros are visiting the contestants and hanging out.

Day three of the alien challenge arrives, and George and Laura are having some creative differences when it comes to the monkey face sculpt. They’re hand-sewing hair onto costumes, and working on molds. Ben ends up having hand molds with no fingers, and he’s forced to fix his molds to make the best of a bad situation.

It’s day four, and Logan’s cowl piece does not come out well. It’s is going to require a lot of patchwork to make it usable. Laura’s team is right on schedule when the models arrive.

Rayce’s team is struggling to get as much done as possible with their model.

Anthony is concerned about the painting his team is responsible for, and he takes over the airbrush to ensure that his pieces get the right look.

Benjamin just can’t get the hands to look good at all. Time runs out and everyone heads to the spotlight challenge stage for last looks. Each team has concerns about their pieces, but it’s too late to make any drastic changes. It’s time to see what they’ve created!

Our judges are the same as usual, with Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill, Neville Page, and our special guest judge, Rick Baker.

Here’s what they came up with!

Face Off recap(Image Credit: Face Off/SyFy)

Face Off recap (Image Credit: Face Off/SyFy)

Face Off recap(Image Credit: Face Off/SyFy)

The judges do their walk through, and begin their critiques. Logan, Regina, Bob, and Adam from Team Rayce are called up, and they get the thumbs up from the judges. Kelly, Daniel, Allen, and Ben from Team Anthony are next, and Ve isn’t too excited about their work this week. Glenn says it has a “severe lack of detail.” Ben’s hands do NOT go over well with the judges. Stephanie, Julian, and Gregory from Team Laura step up, and each judge is impressed with their overall concept and creations.

Logan, Anthony, Regina, and Rob are called up for Team Rayce. Their simeon gets great marks from Ve and the other judges. Gregory and Emily from Team Laura are called up next, and the monkey face is nothing but a disappointment for the judges.

The judges deliberate, and declare Team Rayce as the winner, with Logan taking the win for the individuals.  Kelly, Gregory, and Ben are on the bottom, with Gregory being eliminated.

Do you agree with the judges? What did you think of this challenge? Let us know what you thought in the comments!

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