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Face Off Recap – Season 7 Ep 1: Life and Death


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Face Off Logo(Image Credit: Syfy/Face-Off)

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here! Face Off by SyFy is back, which means we’ll be having a recap each week! Face Off is a reality TV show that pits professional make-up artists against each other in extreme challenges. It’s hosted by McKenzie Westmore, daughter of Michael Westmore, one of the best known make-up artists in the biz. Each week, we have a different challenge, and each week, at least one contestant is eliminated by a panel of judges. This year’s judges include Glenn Hettrick, Neville Page, Ve Neil, and a new special judge.

We see our contestants walk into Vivianna Event Space, and learn that this entire season is “Life and Death” themed, and this episode is actually their final audition – that our contestants aren’t even officially on the show yet.  There are 16 people, and only 15 spots. So right away, we’re going to see two contestants eliminated.  Each contestant chooses a station on the “Life” side or the “Death” side, and each contestant must apply a device found in a box next to their chosen station.

My first impression is the absolute colorfulness of the contestants this year. There are some very creative, imaginative people on this year’s cast. There are people from every spectrum, and each one is full of life and energy. This season is going to be fun!

Our contestants fight the clock to get their pieces finished, but right in the middle of working, McKenzie comes in and says that she’s got a suprise, and in walks Robert England (Freddy Krueger).  He gives our artists some tips, and in rolls two tables, one with “death” accents, and one with “life” accents, which our contestants must incorporate into their make-ups. These extra pieces throw many contestants into panic mode, forcing them to re-create their creatures. Time runs out for our last audition. Here’s what they came up with:


Face Off Season 7 Recap(Image Credit: Syfy/Face-Off)


Face Off Season 7 recap(Image Credit: Syfy/Face-Off)

 The only judges that are available for this walk-through are Glen and Neville.  We find out that the eliminations won’t happen until the next day. We re-open to the reveal stage, and Ve Neil is present, however, she’ll only be available for a few episodes. She is entrusting the rest of the season to Lois Burwell, one of the make-up artists behind Lincoln and Braveheart.  She joins the judges, totaling four judges for this episode.

McKenzie announces that there will be two groups announced. Group 1 is safe, and group 2 represents the best and the worst of the week.

(Note: The locations beside the contestants name are the locations of their creations)

Group 1: Cig (7th from left in “life”) , Rachel (8th from left in “life”), Stella (3rd from left in “life”), Damien (1st from left in “death”), George (5th from left in “life”), Drew (4th from left in “death”), Barry (6th from left in “life”), and Doc (2nd from left in “death”).  Group 1 is going on to compete next week. Group two is left wondering who will be eliminated. We’re on to the individual critiques.

First up, we have Keaghlan (8th from left in “life”). Her piece gets some great reviews from the judges, so we know she’s going on. Sasha is up next. Her piece (3rd from left in “death”), is deemed a success, even though she used her “death” appliance on the hand, instead of the face. Scott walks up (1st on left in “life”),  and right away, we know it’s bad. It’s Jason’s turn (7th from left in “death”), and his well-zombie creature doesn’t sit well with the judges.  Glenn interrupts the proceedings, and says that Scott is already eliminated.

Dina is called up next (4th from left on “life”), and her piece is one of the judge’s favorites. Gabby steps up (5th from left on “death”), and we know, right away, that she’s probably not going through. Gwen comes up (6th from left on “death), and her critiques are less than stellar. It’s Vince’s turn (8th from left on “death”),  and surprisingly, the judges are impressed with his piece. In the past, when facial additions come off as useless to the eye (Like his piece’s weird face fangs) the judges usually rake the offending contestant over the coals. They thought his piece was “inventive”.

The judges deliberate, and Gina is crowned the winner of this challenge. The other contestant eliminated is Gabby. Right off the bat, two of the older contestants are  eliminated.

What did you think of this season’s first episode? Have any predictions about the winner of Face Off Season 7? Be sure to follow every Face Off recap right here on The Nerdy Bomb, and let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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