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Face Off Recap: Season 7 Ep 2 – American Gangster


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American Gangster(Image Credit: SyFy/Face Off)

Hey Nerdy Bombers! It’s time for another awesome Face-Off recap. If you missed last week’s season premiere, click the link for the premiere Face-Off recap!

We’re onto week two, and while the first few weeks are always confusing, this season seems more scattered (thus far) than seasons past. New judges, new faces, new crazy contestants — this is definitely a different bird from the last few seasons.  With the same prizes on the line as years past (A 2014 Fiat 5,000, a VIP trip to Krylon, and $100,000), I’m wondering if they’ll be changing the awards soon. It’s been the same prizes for the whole run, no? Anyway, I digress.  On to the recap!

Last week we saw two contestants kicked off, and oddly enough, it was the two oldest contestant hopefuls. Coincidence? You decide.

This week,  our contestants find themselves strolling down New York Street in Universal Studios Hollywood, home to some of the most famous gangster films, such as Dick Tracy and The Sting.  In this week’s spotlight challenge, our teams will be creating a crime boss based on a real-life American gangster. Here’s how our teams end up:

Gwen & Drew: Michele “The Shark” Sindona

Rachael & Vince: Charles “The Typewriter” Nicoletti

Doc & Stella: Leonard “Needles” Gianola

Barry & Sasha: Allie “Tick Tock” Tannenbaum

George & Cig: Tony “Big Tuna” Accardo

Dina & Jason:  John “Peanuts” Tronolone

Keaghlan & Damien: Opal “Mack Truck” Long

Doug Drexler joins us this week, and he’s one of the talents behind the make-up you see in Dick Tracy and Battlestar Gallactica.  Our contestants get to sketching their creatures out while enjoying New York Street, and end up at the lab with six hours to start on their pieces.

Sasha & Barry automatically have creative differences, with Barry wanting to do a “rat” character, sine the real-life gangster was a rat, and Sasha sticking with a grandfather-clock type character. The rest of the teams seem to be on the same page with their characters, beginning their molds.

Michael Westmore walks through, giving his critiques, and when he reaches Barry and Sasha, he’s immediately displeased that their character has no “tick-tock” elements, leaving Sasha with a very “Told you so” moment – this leaves both Barry and Sasha worried.

Day two arrives, and our teams have 9.5 hours in the lab to finish their molds and prosthetics.

George and Cig have come up with an awesome fat suit, and a working cigar that actually smokes-thanks to baby powder and a bulb syringe. A few teams have trouble getting their molds loose, but the other teams step in to help everyone get their molds done.

Day three, and Dina & Jason’s peanut character is looking rough. Steam pockets and seams are covering their mold. The models arrive, and each team starts putting the prosthetics on their models. Holy moly, are these characters looking awesome. Time runs out, and all the teams are off to last looks, where they get an hour to finish their make-ups.

Our contestants arrive at the spotlight challenge, and this is what they came up with:

American Gangster(Image Credit: SyFy/Face Off)

American Gangster(Image Credit: SyFy/Face Off)

American Gangster(Image Credit: SyFy/Face Off)

American Gangster(Image Credit: SyFy/Face Off)

American Gangster(Image Credit: SyFy/Face Off)

American Gangster(Image Credit: SyFy/Face Off)

American Gangster(Image Credit: SyFy/Face Off)

Here are my first impressions: Drew & Glen’s shark piece is nice, however, I wish it had a slicker skin tone. The mouth is awesome.  I’m betting on Cig & George’s Big Tuna for the win. Rachel & Vince’s typewriter imprints can hardly be seen, and the brass typewriter knuckles look like they were made by a 7th grader.  Let’s see what the judges have to say.

Gwen & Drew, along with Keaghlan & Damien are deemed safe. Doc and Stella are up first for critiques. While the judges like the character, the needles look more like a “quill hat”.

Sasha & Barry step up, and their rat creature falls flat on his face. Sasha is quick to throw Barry’s original concept out as the basis for the failed piece.

Cig & George are up next, and they seem like the misfit kids the teachers always loved. Their tuna creation is loved by the judges, and is deemed “The catch of the day”.

Dina & Jason go up to the chopping block, and their typewriter-themed creation isn’t up to snuff. They will definitely be on the bottom.

Rachael & Vince step up, and surprisingly, they get mostly “This could’ve been a great piece” from the judges, and seem satisfied with that.

The judges deliberate, and announce that Cig & George’s piece is the only top piece for tonight – they are automatically deemed the best piece. Cig is named the winner for his work on the fat suit. Barry and Sasha and Dina & Jason round out the bottom looks, and Barry is eliminated.

What did you think of this week’s Face Off recap? Do you agree with the judge’s decision?  Let us know in the comments!

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