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Haven Recap: Season 5 Ep 1 – “See No Evil”


Posted September 12, 2014 by

Haven’s first episode of Season 5 opens soon after the ending of Season 4 (view SyFy’s recap here). The Lighthouse falls in on itself in what normal Havenites think is another earthquake. As Dr. Gloria Verrano says, “That lighthouse just can’t catch a break.” (We later learn it’s been destroyed and rebuilt three times – twice destroyed by an earthquake and once by a meteor – bet insurance on that thing is insane.)

The collapse of the Lighthouse has thrown everyone out of the cave and into the surrounding parts of Haven. Dwight and Duke end up on the beach, Vince, Dave, Audrey, and Nathan all show up in the woods and Jennifer is nowhere to be found. This sends Duke into panic mode throughout the whole episode while he tries to find his girlfriend.

In the woods, Nathan has a chat with Audrey only to discover she is now Mara, the designer of the Troubles. Mara is even more dangerous because she has all of Audrey’s memories. Mara handcuffs Nathan to a metal railing and takes his gun and phone, knocks him out, and heads off to find Jennifer.

Duke stumbles across Nathan and they realize Mara is trying to bring William back to Haven. (On a side note: While I’m tired of everyone being in love with Audrey, I am crossing my fingers here for a lover’s reunion. Television simply does not have enough Colin Ferguson in my opinion, and one can only watch so many Maytag commercials).

We are in Haven, so of course there’s a new Trouble in town. This time, people start showing up with their eyes and mouths sewn shut with unbreakable thread. Dwight and the Doc do some digging and discover this particular Trouble hasn’t existed since 1929. Dwight locates the family who has a set of creepy ‘Hear No Evil..’ monkeys on their mantle wearing the same unbreakable thread. He learns that Duke’s grandfather killed the Troubled family member in 1929. Since Mara can’t activate any new Troubles without William and his “black goo”, Duke realizes when he cried tears of blood in the cave, some of the Troubles escaped from him and into Haven.

Meanwhile, Mara locates the last door only to find Nathan waiting for her. She beats him up and pulls a gun on him, but doesn’t kill him. Nathan takes this to mean Audrey is still inside Mara, fighting for control. Nathan begins his “Audrey-is-alive-and-will-prevail-because-our-love-is-greater-than-anything” speech, but Mara (thankfully) decides she’s heard enough and shoots him in the shoulder. She hesitates upon killing him, and leaves him to die on the beach.



Season 5 starts strong. I enjoyed watching Emily Rose as Mara. It’s fun to see her being a complete jerk (although it’s making Nathan incredibly whiney). Plus, she beats up Dwight/Edge. That alone is enough to keep me watching.

Haven airs Thursday nights at 8/7C on SyFy.

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