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Haven Recap – Season 5, Ep 13 – “Closure”


Posted December 8, 2014 by

It’s mid-season finale time, and “Closure” is busy wrapping up all the loose storylines Haven hopes you want to know.

Last week, we learned Dr. Charlotte Cross is Audrey’s mother. This episode, we learn she really isn’t. She’s Mara’s mom. Audrey was somehow spawned by the Troubles.


It seems Mara wreaked havoc for hundreds of years on Haven because she was upset over the death of her father. Charlotte attempted to teach Mara a lesson (the Barn was her way of a time out). 900 years later, Charlotte realizes her daughter isn’t gelling to the lessons her mama’s been preaching.

Meanwhile, Duke gets his revenge on whiny yuppie customers by giving them Troubles that blow things up, including their yuppie boyfriends.  Duke freaks and visits Dr. Charlotte. When he takes off his shirt (why she asks this is a medical mystery), he is covered in black Aether handprints, confirming Mara really has done something bad to him.


He overhears Charlotte planning to find Mara and send her through the Thinny into the Void. Later, Duke pays a visit to Dave and Vince, who tell him where an open Thinny exists. He convinces Mara to take him through the Thinny with her in order to save the town from his unstable Troubles.

Audrey and Charlotte search the town, looking for Mara. Charlotte confesses that in order to stop Mara, Audrey will need to become a part of her and cease to exist. Audrey agrees and allows Charlotte to combine them.


Nathan and Duke arrive too late to stop them, but are happy to discover Audrey is the one who survives, not Mara. There’s a lot of hugging going on (Nathan can finally feel Audrey again) until a dark storm rolls in and Duke starts shaking and contorting like something out of The Exorcism of Emily Rose. He vomits out all of his Troubles, which start attacking people in town.


“Closure” left a few questions unanswered. Who is Mara’s father? Why is Dave having visions of the rock with the word ‘Croatoan’ carved on it? Is Mara really gone? (Yay – no more scenes of her locked up somewhere.) Will Duke ever get a girlfriend who doesn’t disappear? Oh, and the biggest question of all: What the heck is William Shatner doing in Haven?


Stay tuned! New episodes begin in 2015.

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