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Haven Recap: Season 5 Ep 3 – “Spotlight”


Posted September 28, 2014 by

This episode of Haven is a bit tedious. A few different story-lines start, but none of them progress very far. The focus is on Nathan and Mara, which could have been entertaining if not for Nathan’s constant moping and sulking.

Nathan enlists Duke’s help in hiding out from the Haven P.D. and the Guard, who are one in the same now since Dwight took over as leader. Nathan takes Mara up to a cabin to hideout. Two members of the Guard catch them and try to kill Mara. Nathan gets the gun away and the two get away.

Duke runs into an old friend, Jody, who asks for money, but accidentally sets his bar on fire when her Trouble manifests as laser beams shooting out of her body (definitely one of the weirder Troubles they’ve had).

Back at the cabin, Mara and Nathan have begun their long cat-and-mouse game. Mara taunts Nathan by recalling memories of her and Nathan’s intimate time spent in the cabin. Mara seduces him and they start making out, only for Nathan to stop when Mara bites him on the lip.


Am I kissing Mara or Audrey? Does it really matter?

Sadly, Dwight is nothing more than filler in this episode. He helps Duke figure out Jody’s Trouble and confronts Duke about hiding Nathan and Mara (he does take his shirt off at one point, so my complaint may be pointless).

Everyone tells Duke how awful he looks and that he must be getting sick. Aside from an old baseball cap and a haircut, Duke looks just the same. (Obviously SyFy needs to share makeup artists, not hoard them all for Face-Off.) Since Duke has been keeping all the Troubles inside him, he is now “overloaded” with Troubles and this is making him sick.


Duke is really sick.

Audrey makes another appearance when Nathan begins treating Mara as his former flame. She tells him the only way she can keep fighting is for Nathan to keep acting as if he loves Mara. This is where the crux of the problem comes into play. Turns out, Mara is the only way Duke can get rid of a Trouble and not die. Nathan needs Audrey in order to get rid of Mara. (Could this be a bit of foreshadowing for future episodes? I hope so.)

Jody’s Trouble worsens though out the episode, but Duke and Dwight are too busy to help much. They figure out her Trouble is caused by any kind of light, especially sunlight. Of course, this is a definite metaphor for the Audrey/Mara situation.

Dwight does do one more thing. He ends the episode by bursting into the cabin just before Mara can release one of Duke’s Troubles, stopping her from saving Duke.


Hey, why don’t I get my own storyline?

I just hope Nathan is past his whiney stage. Duke isn’t crying and moping just because Jennifer died. At least Nathan still has Audrey – although a psyched out version of Audrey.

What do you think about this episode? Are you excited about upcoming episodes? Let me know in the comments!


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