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Haven Recap: Season 5 Ep 4 – “Much Ado About Mara”


Posted October 4, 2014 by

While this episode of Haven was more action-oriented than last week’s (recap here), it was still bland.

In order to save his life, Mara pulls a Trouble out of Duke. He picks the Scoville family Trouble and it makes him talk gibberish. He even writes gibberish. Listening to Duke try to explain his and Audrey’s long ago intimate night to Nathan is chuckle-worthy.

Mara agrees to cure picks Jodi the light magnifier of her Trouble. Afterwards stone dead birds fall from the sky. Cell phone reception is lost and water sitting in a barrel begins to boil. The metal tines in an old rake begin to curl. One of the Guard members suddenly goes blind. Duke thinks he causes all of this and that Mara released more than one Trouble from him.


We need to talk…

Since Dwight must have been a science teacher in his past life, he realizes microwaves are to blame for the sudden phenomenon and instructs everyone to stay in their cars, which can block the invisible waves. He then deduces Jodi to be the cause of the Trouble, so Duke goes in search of her.

While Dwight, Duke, and Nathan are dodging deathly microwaves, Vince and Dave meet up at the newspaper office. They want to remember what happened in the cave, so they call their friend Maddie in to hypnotize them.

Maddie puts Dave under hypnosis first. He remembers running through the woods and crashing into a deer. When Maddie pulls Dave from his hypnosis, she lies and tells him he merely fell asleep and the hypnosis didn’t work. He leaves and Maddie calls Vince. While she’s talking to him, something attacks her. When Vince arrives at the office a few minutes later, Maddie has no memory of hypnotizing Dave or calling Vince or even of being attacked. Dave returns at this point and he has no recollection of having talked to Maddie. Vince realizes they have lost time and this has happened to Dave before.

I think I can pencil you in.

Duke finds Jodi and she confesses she feels guilty over her husband’s death. Since the Trouble is linked to her emotions, Duke talks her out of feeling guilty. This stops the microwaves and everyone is able to leave their cars.

Duke, Dwight, and Nathan gang up on Mara and regale her of old memories of times spent together. This forces Audrey to resurface and she tells them Mara has been lying to them, that she cannot stop the Troubles, only give them. Because Audrey only knows what Mara is thinking now, Audrey is not able to help them, either. Mara resurfaces and tells the boys now that she knows Audrey is inside her, she’s going to kill her.

Are we still in the cabin?

Maybe it’s just the lack of scenery (enough with the cabin!), but this back and forth with Mara and the boys is boring. It’s as if the Season 5 writers/directors/producers don’t trust us to understand their storyline so they’re over explaining everything. If we made it through The X-Files and SyFy movies like Sharknado, I’m pretty sure we’ll catch on to Aether, Mara/Audrey, and the Other Side.


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