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Haven Recap: Season 5 Ep. 5 – “The Old Switcheroo – Part 1”


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In Haven, peace at the Murray Q. Frederikson Psychiatric Facility is disrupted when one patient, Barry, chokes and kills another patient, Hopkins. Barry then drops dead. When Gloria (Doc) and Dwight show up to examine the bodies, they somehow end up switching bodies with each other. Now the tiny sarcastic Gloria is trapped in the huge body of Dwight and vice versa. Of course, they freak out and start examining each other, seeing themselves from a completely new view.


Duke and Nathan try to force Mara into saving someone with a Trouble, hoping Audrey will be able to sneak up on Mara and take over. This works briefly: Audrey resurfaces to let Nathan know she’s still alive.


Vince visits the Old Croatoan Café in Manteo, North Carolina looking for answers about Dave’s past. Vince suddenly switches bodies with Dave. Having no idea where he is or why he’s there, Dave (in Vince’s body) stumbles outside, finds the car, and finds the file of his adoption. When he calls Vince (now in Dave’s body), his brother tells him he was researching where Dave came from. Later, Dave goes to the house listed in the adoption file only to discover it belongs to the café owner and her husband. She tells Dave the house has been in her family for generations but she doesn’t know of anyone having been adopted. The husband acts a bit shady, but doesn’t offer up any answers.


That night, Audrey resurfaces and tells Duke and Nathan not to take Mara back to any crime scenes because she’s growing suspicious. She also tells them the people who are switching bodies have secrets involving each other.


Gloria’s autopsy reveals Barry died of asphyxiation too, even though he wasn’t choked. Nathan, Gloria, and Dwight watch the surveillance tapes of the psych ward and see Barry and Hopkins switch bodies right before they died. Dwight and Gloria realize if one switched person dies while in another body, the other switched person will die in exactly the same way.


Vince joins Dave at the Croatoan. Dave finds a phone number with a Haven area code written on a sticky note on the owner’s computer. Dave and Vince call the number, which belongs to the Haven psychiatric ward. The brothers call Dwight and Gloria who is able to connect the café owner’s husband to a patient at the psych ward. When Nathan goes to talk to the patient, he stupidly lets the disgruntled patient escape. He touches Nathan who ends up switching bodies with Duke.


Duke has been hanging out with Mara, reminiscing over the first time he and Audrey met. Audrey surfaces and they start talking about their night in Colorado. She doesn’t realize Duke has switched bodies with Nathan and continues to talk about the kiss she shared with Duke. Nathan (as Duke) calls Duke (Nathan) and warns him not to trust Audrey because it’s actually Mara pretending to be Audrey. (Trust me, this episode is much less confusing when watched.)


Vince and Dave go back to the house of the café owner when Dave starts feeling woozy. Vince informs him this is how he felt back at the lighthouse, around the thinny (a stupid name, even if it was coined by Stephen King). Sure enough, they go around the corner and find a bright, shiny thinny on the side of the house.


The best part of this episode is watching Adam Copeland (Dwight) and Jayne Eastwood (Dr. Gloria) play each other. Vince and Dave are funny, too, but watching Dwight as Gloria stuff himself full of donuts takes the cake.


Haven has moved to Fridays at 7/6c.

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