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Haven Recap: Season 5, Ep 6 – “The Old Switcheroo, Part 2”


Posted October 20, 2014 by

This episode of Haven starts out where it left off last week. Vince and Dave are still visiting the Old Croatoan Café, trying to find out information about Dave’s adoption. Nathan and Duke are still trying to save Audrey. Everyone is still looking for Jeffrey, the escaped mental patient thought to be at the root of the body switching Trouble.


During a conversation with Doc Gloria (who is really Dwight deep down inside), Doc figures out Duke and Nathan have switched bodies. Duke is getting very sick and needs to get rid of a Trouble right away. He remembers an old one his grandfather banished that caused the person’s reincarnated lives to come back. Duke thinks if he can get in the same room with Mara and release this Trouble, it may force Audrey and Mara to split.


Back at the Old Croatoan Café, Vince and Dave talk to the owner who confesses her brother-in-law and husband are the cause of the body switching. Years ago, she married Skip, and when he consistently cheated on her, Skip’s brother Jeffrey confronted him. Because of Jeffery’s secret love for Skip’s wife, the brothers ended up switching bodies. The current Troubles activate because Vince and Dave (two brothers, one keeping a secret from the other) start asking questions.


The Guys


Duke (as Nathan) takes Mara back to the psychiatric hospital to find out more information about Jeffrey. It seems as if Audrey has resurfaced, but Duke isn’t buying it. Nathan traps Mara and Duke in a room together but because Duke is so weak, he is unable to focus enough to dispel a Trouble. Mara is able to trick the orderlies into detaining Nathan and Duke and locking them up while she goes out “in search of Jeffrey”.


Meanwhile, Dwight and Doc meet up with Jeffrey at the train station. Mara finds them there. She shoots Dwight and takes Jeffrey with her, intending to keep him hidden long enough for Duke to explode from the internal pressures of the Troubles, killing both Duke and Nathan.


Vince and Dave convince Skip to meet up with Jeffrey and stop the Trouble. While driving, Dave has a vision of chasing a man in the forest. The man carves the word ‘Croatoan’ into a tree and then Dave kills him. Dave awakens from his vision just in time to crash the car, sending him back to the hospital.



Dave gets sucked into a Thinny

Jeffrey and Skip reunite. Everyone who switched bodies briefly faints and when they wake up, they return to normal. Doc tells Dwight her secret – she found his sister in Cincinnati, dead from the family Trouble. Duke cuts his hand and bleeds onto the floor, releasing the reincarnation Trouble. They find Mara unhurt. Audrey lies not too far away as well (We’ve gone from body snatchers to doppelgangers in one episode).


Lucas Bryant (Nathan) trying to imitate Eric Balfour (Duke) wasn’t as fun to watch as Adam Copeland (Dwight) playing Doc Gloria (Jayne Eastwood). I’m glad Haven is putting this body switching storyline to rest, though. While parts of it were entertaining, it drug out too long. I’m anxious to see Mara get out and really show us what she can do, even without William.


Haven has moved to Friday nights at 7/6c on Syfy.


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    Jordan Peckins

    Too many bloggers need grammar lessons. It’s “dragged out”, not “drug out.”

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