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Haven Recap: Season 5, Ep. 7 – “Nowhere Man”


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Haven is missing most of its cast this week, focusing on Mara, Audrey, Nathan, and Duke. Dwight is out of town (probably investigating the appearance of his dead sister) and Doc, Vince, and Dave are just not around.

Down in Duke’s boat, Mara wants the Crocker family journal, but Duke won’t hand it over. Mara refuses to confirm whether she and Audrey are connected. Duke threatens to cut off one of her toes, but Mara (and the TV audience) calls his bluff.

Lovebirds Audrey and Nathan are busy “reconnecting.” Nathan admits he can no longer feel Audrey, so he suspects she is no longer immune to the Troubles. They head to the newest crime scene and find nothing but a shadow of the victim burned into the wall. Audrey gets a hostile reception from the townspeople but cop Rebecca (played by Kirsty Hinchcliffe – real life wife to Lucas Bryant) jumps in and defends her. When Audrey thanks her, she responds that she’s only doing what Nathan told her to do.


With Dwight away, the Guard stirs up a heap of trouble this week. They harass Audrey and threaten that Duke and Nathan “take care of her” when she steps out of line. They are convinced Mara is merely pretending to be Audrey. (This seems a good time to question Duke and Nathan’s decision to keep Mara a secret – wouldn’t it be easier to prove to the townspeople that Audrey is trustworthy by showing off the two together?)

At the police station, Nathan is regaling his suspicions of Guard member Reggie to Audrey when a flash of light appears and Nathan disappears. Rebecca finds Nathan’s burned shadow on the floor.

Duke and Audrey show up to investigate. We find out Nathan has been turned into a ghost. He is able to witness the events around him, but not interact with them. Later, as he’s walking through town, Nathan ends up running into a person instead of through them. He stops the guy and questions him. The guy confirms he’s a ghost, too, and that Nathan can get answers from the cemetery. There, he finds Morgan, a ghost and spirit guide who explains the situation.

Determined to solve this new Trouble (and, oddly, not too upset over Nathan’s death), Audrey heads to the farmers’ market to search for clues. She finds a girl with a camera and asks to see the pictures. When she finds one with Nathan and Reggie, Audrey heads off in search of the Guard.

Nathan remembers Duke has a Trouble that allows a person to talk to the dead. He returns to Duke’s boat, only to discover Mara can see him, but she refuses to serve as translator. Nathan returns to the ghosts in the cemetery and tells them they are not actual ghosts but a product of someone’s Trouble.

Sick of the Guard tailing her, Audrey slips into a back alley and pulls a gun on Reggie. While they’re chitchatting, Reggie disappears in a flash of light. Mitchell and the rest of the Guard show up and blame Audrey. They kidnap her and take her to an abandoned warehouse.


Ghost Nathan sees the Guard hauling Audrey off and follows them. He sees where they’ve taken her and returns to Mara, begging for help. Duke interrupts, threatening to turn Mara over to the Guard. Mara is unconvinced of his plan. (After all, he needs Mara to keep him from overdosing on Troubles.) Ghost Nathan is talking smack to Mara. She finally starts yelling at him and Duke figures out Nathan is in the room.

Duke then saves Audrey from the Guard. Mara hurts herself in order to prove she and Audrey are not connected. Audrey and Duke decide to keep her around because of her immunity to the Troubles.

Still a ghost, Nathan returns to the cemetery to talk to Morgan. Instead, he finds Morgan dead, shot three times in the chest. The words ‘Even Ghosts Can Die’ are written in blood on a nearby tombstone.

The lack of emotion shown over a character’s death is annoying. First, there was the lukewarm grieving put on by Duke when Jennifer died. Now there’s the barely addressed issue of Nathan’s death. Here’s a tip to the writers: if your characters don’t care, the audience won’t care. Right now, I could really care less if Nathan doesn’t return from the ghost world.

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