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Haven Recap Season 5, Episode 12 – “Chemistry”


Posted December 3, 2014 by

There’s a lot of suspicion going on in Haven these days – with Duke suspicious of Mara’s true intentions and Vince, Nathan, and Audrey suspicious of Dr. Charlotte Cross, the woman claiming to be from the CDC.

Mara is kidnapped from the hideout she shares with Duke. Dr. Gloria runs a scan of fingerprints Duke finds. The prints come back belonging to Kirk, the Guard member who stole the Aether out of Nathan’s safe.

Meanwhile, Dwight reunites with past Guard member (Adam Copeland’s wrestling partner and real best friend) Christian (Jay Reso) to talk about lady troubles. Dwight is smitten with Dr. Cross. On Christian’s urging, Dwight and Dr. Cross experiment with some chemistry of their own.


Nathan searches Kirk’s apartment looking for the missing Aether he stole. Duke shows up and the two men argue. They stumble upon a wrench covered in blonde hair and blood. Duke knocks Nathan out and takes off, looking for Mara.

Everyone’s looking for Kirk now, but Duke finds him first. He ends up absorbing Kirk’s suck-all-the-oxygen-out-of-the-room Trouble, killing Kirk. Duke continues on to another Guard member’s home (apparently leaving dead bodies sitting around in Haven is okay), only to give the Guard member Kirk’s Trouble. He ends up killing the other two people with him. (I really need to start doing a running body count on this show.)

Audrey is getting sicker by the commercial break. Vince searches through Dr. Cross’s stuff and finds the folder with all the pictures of Audrey’s past personas. When they confront Dr. Cross about the folder of pictures, she explains she saw a picture of one of Audrey’s older selves and did an Internet search, trying to fill in the blanks on Audrey’s past for medical reasons. Vince and Audrey don’t believe this excuse, so they break into her car and find a ring that is identical to the one Audrey has that belonged to one of her other personas. When asked about the ring, Dr. Cross confesses she is Audrey’s mother.


Duke receives a package containing the canister the Aether was in and one of Mara’s toes. Mara calls and confirms Duke’s suspicions – she had Kirk steal the Aether for her. Because of her ‘help’ getting rid of the extra Troubles, Duke is now more powerful than ever. He even cries black tears that fly off his face and absorb into his skin.

It’ll be interesting to see what the mid-season finale offers next week. Watch ‘Chemistry’ here.

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