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Haven Recap – Season 5, Episodes 8 – 11


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Yes folks, I’m a bit behind. It’s catch up time! So, without further ado, Haven recaps.


5.8 ‘Exposure’

Since Nathan is a ghost, everyone’s favorite ghost hunter Seth is brought in to try to communicate with Nathan. Seth detects him using his EMF (electromagnetic field) device and gets to work building something to communicate with the ghost world.


Dave is back in the hospital due to his leg infection. The doctors take a sample of his wound in order to biopsy. Worried the wound will contain particles from the Thinny, Dave and Vince devise a plan to steal back the sample.

Audrey realizes Amy’s camera is causing people to disappear. Audrey convinces Amy to take a picture of her. She appears as a ghost and Morgan, who is the ghost murderer, handcuffs her and Nathan together.


Using Seth’s EMF device, Morgan begins talking Amy into join him as a ghost. He loves Amy but can’t return to his body because he is dying of cancer. Amy wants to be with him, but not with the version of Morgan that kills people. This realization brings them all into the real world and Seth knocks Morgan out.

The episode seems to be ending on a nice note until a CDC doctor arrives looking for Dave.



Season 5.9 ‘Morbidity’

The CDC has arrived in Haven and things are about to get messy. The basic consensus from everyone is that Dr. Charlotte Cross has to go before she finds out about the truth about the Troubles.

Still locked in Duke’s boat, Mara convinces Duke that his friends are afraid of him and will soon turn on him. She tells Duke his freedom is linked to her freedom.


Troubled people start getting sick. Dr. Cross finds a genetic marker in all the sick people and realizes she may have found the genetic basis for the Troubles.

After an argument with Nathan and Dwight, Duke realizes Mara is right and his friends have abandoned him. He decides it’s time to throw his dice in with Mara.



Season 5.10 ‘Mortality’

The contagion is spreading amongst the Troubled Havenites. Audrey is sick but not showing the same symptoms as the other Troubled people.

Dwight tells the CDC doctor Charlotte Cross all about the Troubles in Haven. Everyone is looking for Aether. Mara needs it to fix Duke, Dwight needs it for Dr. Cross to create a vaccination, and Nathan wants to keep it from all of them.


Nathan believes Pete, the town’s epidemiologist, is the cause for the Troubled contagion. They have to stop him or in one week, every Troubled person in Haven will be sick and their Troubles will all be released at the same time.

Pete approaches Mara and Duke and begs Duke to kill him and end this Trouble. When Duke falters, Mara stabs Pete in the neck with a screwdriver, forcing Duke to finish the job. The contagion ends but Audrey is still sick.


Vince goes to see the governor and uses his weight as leader of the Guard to pull the CDC from Haven. The CDC tells them they don’t have an agent working in Haven.



Episode 5.11 ‘Reflections’

 Mara and Duke are hiding out and Duke needs to vent a Trouble. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone, but the only Troubles he has left are ones that will cause mass casualties. Mara convinces him to focus on not hurting people and let one out. The Trouble he releases ends up causing the temperature in the room to rise to boiling. Mara tells Duke she wants to help him and she kisses him, making the Trouble stop.


Back in Haven, Dr. Cross tells Audrey the reason she’s sick is that her body is starting to degenerate. Audrey encounters a girl who’s Trouble is to physically change people. She ends up healing Audrey, but when the girl confronts her problems and makes the Trouble disappear, Audrey’s sickness returns.

Vince tells Nathan about Dr. Cross not really being a part of the CDC. Dwight checks the safe and is angry to find out the Aether is gone. He confronts Nathan about the missing Aether, but Nathan doesn’t know anything about it being gone. They look over surveillance tapes and see one of the Guard members walking out with it.

The episode ends with Dr. Cross sweet-talking Dwight. When he leaves, she pulls out a file of pictures and old newspaper clippings of Audrey and all her old personas.



Whew! That’s it. All caught up! Now we’re ready to continue on this crazy journey to discover just who Dr. Charlotte Cross really is and who is going to end up with the Aether. To keep updated on all of Haven’s Season 5 Troubles, click here.


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