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AMC’s The Walking Dead: How Does It End?


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Recently, co-creator of The Walking Dead Robert Kirkman announced that he knows how it will all end…in the comic book. The television show might end the same way, whatever way that is but the fact that the two have become two completely separate stories leads us to believe otherwise. There is also the possibility of the show lumbering along like something that is dead but keeps walking…there is a name for those things…  A group of us got together at TheNerdyBomb corporate headquarters in between meetings and photo-shoots and we put our heads together. We also each decided to go off on our own and write how we think it will end. It is very doubtful that any of these will come to pass. If they do though, Robert Kirkman owes us some money.

AMC’s The Walking Dead Ending Number 1

Walking Dead Ending

Or you could pick any island up here…

After getting to Washington and discovering that the doctor was lying to ensure that he was protected, Rick kills the doctor in a fit of anger. On the way to Washington, the group lost Glenn and Carol. Tyreese makes the observation that since walkers have no way of generating body heat, they will freeze in the winter further up north and make them easier to kill when the group discovers a frozen one. The group heads north to Canada and finds Island Lake, Manitoba. As it is winter now, the lake is mostly frozen, so the group can just walk across the lake. Once arriving at the lake, the group finds that others have already had this same idea. Rick’s band of survivors join this flourishing community and society begins to rebuild itself. Rick becomes constable. Daryl, now serving no real purpose, becomes Rick’s deputy. Carl forms a Canadian punk band called “Lizzie’s Flowers.” Carol and Tyreese fall in love and get married. After winter ends and the ice melts, the camera shows that a mass of walkers are on the shore, while our group is safe and sound.

AMC’s The Walking Dead Ending Number 2

The doctor knew the cure. The inevitable regeneration after death was caused by a combination of genetically altered foods combined with the yearly flu shot. With the breakdown of society, flu shots are no longer given. As the flu vaccines wear out of people’s systems, the ability to reanimate also wears off. Since most seeds available for planting have already been altered to a dangerous level, the government realizes that they must start working to cultivate non-modified foods. The remnants of the Marines and the Green Berets set up Joint Task Force Katanna to dispose of the remaining ‘non-dead combatants’ still in the United States. After seeing the leadership of Michonne and Daryl, the acting president appoints them commanders of this unit. Carl, now older, works with the remaining Air Force to use the drones that have been grounded to provide intel to the JTF Katanna and to conduct strikes on large walker positions. Rick Grimes becomes the head of the newly formed FBI.

Walking Dead Ending

Our only hope…

AMC’s The Walking Dead Ending Number 3

Everyone dies.

Walking Dead Ending

Everyone…even Conan The O’Brien.

AMC’s The Walking Dead Ending Number 4

A breakthrough is made. Building on existing research, the government finds that switching the walkers to a plant based protein substitute makes them docile and upstanding members of society. A portion of their higher brain function returns. Walkers are then training to do some of the more tedious jobs in society. Zombies are then put in charge of our national media. As the show winders to a halt, AMC looks for spin-offs, to keep the money rolling in.

Walking Dead Ending

” I was told that I could listen to the radio at a reasonable volume from nine to eleven…” (See because his name was Milton and the guy in Office Space was also named Milton…)

Potential  Spin-Offs of AMC’s The Walking Dead 

Walker, Texas Ranger – In a publicity stunt ala Rookie of the Year, the Texas Rangers signs a former minor league pitcher that has since turned. The manager of the team is replaced by Charlie Sheen while zombie Bob Uecker becomes the team announcer. In a surprising twist the young pitcher, named Kenny Rogers, has the lowest walks allowed in the league.

Zombie Eye for Living Guy – One things that is discovered is that zombie fashion becomes incredibly popular. Bravo starts this franchise up again, with slight changes. The show becomes intensely popular, along with other zombie shows like Real Housewives of Terminus.  Not to be outdone, E! renews Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

Law and Order: R.C.D. – The latest addition to the Law and Order family follows a team of New York Detectives in the Reanimated Corpses Division. Social barriers are broken down as the lead characters are Frank Scaglionne, a 20 year veteran of the force, and Zombie Bob, a zombie police man. “In the criminal justice system, zombie-based crimes are on the rise. In New York City, the detectives that investigate these crimes are in the Reanimated Corpses Division. These are their stories.  GONG-GONG!

The new season of The Walking Dead starts October 12th on AMC.

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