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Throwback Thursday – Scrubs


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Throwback Thursday – Scrubs

Scrubs is one of the few shows that I will stop to watch if I catch it on TV. It is one of my favorite sitcoms of all time, and still makes me laugh to this day. The characters are iconic and it is one of the few shows I’ve seen that can handle drama while not forgetting its roots as a comedy.

Throwback Thursday: Scrubs

J.D has frequent day dreams

The casting really makes the series. Zach Braff, Donald Faison, John C. McGinley, and really just everyone in the show is memorable and fantastic. They portray their characters fairly consistently. You won’t realize how much they changed unless you watch an early episode and a later episode side by side. While change is obvious in that sense, the biggest being J.D is almost always yelling by the end of the series, the progression makes sense if you watch the series in order.

The biggest problem I have with the series is the last two seasons. The eighth season changed Sacred Heart to look more modern and the new interns had more of a focus on them than in previous seasons. I also feel like J.D was much weirder than in previous season. It still is fairly enjoyable, and what was supposed to be the final episode was extremely touching and heartwarming.

Throwback Thursday: Scrubs

The janitor is my favorite character

The actual final season was a cash grab that has almost nothing to do with the other eight seasons. The new seasons follows a couple of medical students trying to graduate. The only characters from the original series are Dr. Cox and Dr. Turk. J.D shows up for only the first few episodes. The season was misguided and tried to capture the charm of the original characters. Even the lead had day dreams and inner monologues like J.D. It isn’t awful, but compared to the rest of the series it doesn’t really hold up.

Scrubs is a great show that manages to hold up amazingly. It is available on Netflix,and I highly suggest that everyone should at least try.

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