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The Walking Dead: The Mid-Season Finale


Posted December 2, 2013 by

We’re finally here, folks. The Walking Dead season 4 mid-season finale. Let’s just forget for a minute that we were promised this wouldn’t happen. Let’s put aside the fact that we were promised by AMC “16 back-to-back episodes” and that now we’re facing another however many months of teaser trailers, hype and infuriatingly long, painful “patience exercises.”

Let’s also try to ignore these weird, Cloverfield-esque film shorts AMC is really trying to get us hooked on. Let’s just forget about that, too.

Ready? You sure? Okay, then let’s go.

The Governor has talked his camp into a reluctant attack on the prison after kidnapping Hershel and Michonne to help him storm the prison. Supposedly, he’s doing this to keep his new family safe, and not for some personal vendetta. Not that it matters, Daughter 2.0 (also known as Megan) gets bit anyways when they’re waiting for him to come home.

The Walking Dead

Really, it would take less time to point out who DIDN’T die in this picture.

When they arrive at the prison, The Governor/Brian gives Rick and the prison (I keep wanting to call them inmates?) until nightfall to leave the prison. When Rick refuses, Brian threatens to decapitate Hershel with Michonne’s sword. Sorry, did I say threaten? He does. He. Kills. Hershel. Butchers him, would actually be a better term. Now, not that I’m saying that the loss of Herschel wasn’t a terrible thing, but really, it would have been a much better tactical move to kill Michonne, don’t you think? Dying by her own sword, finishing off his mortal nemesis, and taking out one of the most powerful allies the prison has, all in one fell swoop. Then again, we’ve previously discussed how the Governor has lost any semblance of logic or sanity. Anyways, I almost cried, especially after the Talking Dead interview with Maggie and Hershel.

Needless to say, after that, everyone goes nuts. Bullets are flying, Michonne escapes, Lilly shows him Megan’s body. He takes her and shoots her in the head, and it’s pretty much readily apparent at this time that all he’s truly focused on is exacting his revenge, if I may be so trite. Maggie runs back for Glenn while the tank storms the castle—erm–prison–and Rick and The Brian—I mean the Governor—duke it out in hand-to-hand combat. Convenient how these big battlefield showdowns always avoid all the bullets and stuff, right?

Once again, we’re shown that Daryl is a freaking genius, using a walker as a shield, and then later tossing a grenade into the tank’s cannon.

Also, the kids have guns. So, there’s a great message for the show. The two girls shoot Alisha in the head before running off somewhere. So apparently, Lord of the Flies has now been incorporated into the show.


The Walking Dead

You know, pyromaniacs are typically known to have parental and bed-wetting issues…just sayin’…

The Governor nearly chokes the life out of Rick, but is stabbed through the chest at the last minute by Michonne. then later finished off by Lilly. Rick runs off to find Carl—and succeeds, but has literally lost Judith. She’s gone, leaving nothing but a bloody crib behind (Personally, I think the kids took her and ran off, but you never know).

“Don’t look back,” Rick warns his son as they stumble away from the burning, metaphorical Sodom and Gomorrah. “Just keep walking.”

Personally, I’m just considering myself lucky that they didn’t kill off Daryl.

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    I was kind of hoping for an undead Judith to be crawling around…but since the car seat thing had blood in it, I think she will be OK. We are meant to think that she died.

    Although, if I had to face a zombie, I would rather it be a zombie baby. They have no teeth and she can’t walk. Her upper body strength is not developed yet. I think zombie babies would be no threat at all.


    I dunno, man. A baby zombie–while unbelievably bizarre and amusing in its own way–is a whoooolr lotta nope that I just don’t wanna deal with.


    Also: I’m rather disappointed in what appears to be a rather poor attempt at creating a three dimensional villain. The Governor started out as vile and messed up in the head–a guy who feeds people to his walker daughter like some sort of soylent green ad–and then the past 2 episodes seem to have tried very, very hard to throw in some sort of sympathetic angle for him.

    We all know the best villains don’t wear black, but gray, but for me, it was too little too late.


      The two episodes were to show him trying to convince himself he can be gray, but the mid-finale shows him basically just giving into his black. In the end he was as black of a villain as they come.

      Nathan Gifford

      I really believe that in his mind, he was doing the right thing for his group. No one sees themselves as the bad guy.


    1) The Governor is/was a lame character. I’m glad he’s dead because I was tired of being time and again that he truly so bad, so cruel, so TOTALLY CRAZY. I don’t think we really needed to see him shoot that child in the head. We git it. The Governor is bad.

    2) Hershel’s death was a travesty. Not that he died – I think we all knew he was going to die sooner or later — but just the WAY he died. The creators of The Walking Dead have put a lot of effort into building their characters and making it actually mean something when we lost them . Hershel was one of their best, which is why it’s so disappointing to see how it went down. There was a great end waiting for him somewhere, but instead, he got his head hacked off with a sword. (I talk about this in more detail over at

    Todd Lovessweeps

    Great episode – I’m excited to see where they are going to go with the series next.

    travis feiock

    My wife was reakly mad about judith. I think she is still alive . Sad to see hershal go he has good but that what happens in the apocollips

    Jessica Schelling

    Daryl is in fact a genius!


    So much happen in the midseason finale, I’m still trying to process all the emotion with the chaos and destruction.


    I think Judith is alive…the carseat straps were taken apart…a walker wouldnt do this nor do they take the bodies, they just eat them and leave the rest.

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