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The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13


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With only a few episodes left of this season’s The Walking Dead, we’re back to asking ourselves: who’s next? We know it can’t end well for at least one character in the show’s finale, so who’s on the chopping block?

This week opens with a view into Bob’s past, revealing his life before Glenn and Daryl found him. It’s pretty much what you’d expect: a lot of walking, a lot of that dismal, hopeless wandering that seems to keep pushing our characters forward through the story line. He has a machete though, so he’s got that going for him, which is nice. Daryl and Glen ask him the three questions (how many walkers have you killed, how many people, and why), and he answers acceptably (lost count, only one, she asked me to) and goes with them.

Then we flash to Daryl teaching Beth how to track and use a crossbow. She still has a long ways to go, though, still relies on Daryl for backup. Her foot slightly tweaked from a run-in with a walker, Daryl gives her a “serious piggyback” across the cemetary, telling Beth what every woman loves to hear: “you’re heavier than you look.”

The two walk into a large, neatly-kept house, complete with several bodies in various stages of decay and display (coffins, metal slabs, suits and ties, etc). The house has no dust, not even in the cache of food in the kitchen–most likely meaning someone has been living there.

Daryl snake

“I was gonna make her a wedding ring outta this snake’s rib bones.”

Throughout the episode, they continue to flirt with Daryl admitting (during a romantic dinner of jelly, pigs feet, and warm soda) that Beth helped him see that there are still good people left in the world. Their date is interrupted, however, by a walker attack that drives them out of the house, and Daryl escapes just in time to see a car screech off in the distance, Beth’s belongings scattered on the ground.

In a scene reminiscent of Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli’s quest for the hobbits in The Lord of the Rings, Daryl runs all night trying to track down Beth, eventually collapsing in exhaustion at a crossroads that intersect a set of railroad tracks.
The last scene we see of Daryl is a group of hillbilly jerks picking up Daryl and adopting him into their icky little wolf pack.

Maggie, Bob and Sasha have been trying to wait out a bout of nasty fog, and they finally decide that they can’t wait anymore. They set out, and eventually they come across the same sign everyone else has–a sign for this sanctuary Terminus everyone is talking about. Seriously though, did these people not learn from Woodbury? From the prison? From…everything?! Gluttons for punishment, these guys. At least Sasha has the good sense to want to quit running, as she realizes that things are getting desperate and that they need to tend to Bob’s wounds.

walking dead fog

Fog’s thicker than Walker blood!


The next morning, Bob and Sasha wake up to Maggie having left, not wanting them to risk their lives for her. As they follow the tracks after her, Bob admits that he has been so happy despite the breakup because he isn’t alone. He’s happy until he sees “GLENN GO TO TERMINUS MAGGIE” written in Walker blood on a transformer box. The next day, the same message on another transformer. Bob is the constant voice of optimism to Sasha’s Debbie Downer determination to stay, and eventually, he kisses her and leaves to search for Maggie, with Sasha staying behind to hole up in a large building on her own.


“You know, in the Army, you guys would be deserters.”

It doesn’t take long for Sasha to find Maggie–sleeping between several Walker corpses for protection–but Sasha’s butter fingers cause a window to break and sends nearby Walkers into a frenzy as they lumber after Maggie and Sasha both. The two fight them off, and Maggie tells her after the fight that she heard Sasha saying that they should give up the search, so she left. Sasha admits that she’s afraid, and–together–they track down Bob and continue on their trek for Terminus.

The last scene we see in this episode is Glenn, reaching for the sign for Terminus (not the one Maggie drew).
So far, TWD has gone really in-depth when it comes to explaining how people manage to survive in this new life. I would really like to see them examine the Walkers themselves more–maybe discuss how long they can last without sustenance, or start to show the Walkers in more increasing levels of decomp as the show goes on. I mean, yeah, it’s easier to kill a gnawing head than a walking gnawing head, but it’s just biology, people. Things decompose. Besides, they’d still have the other nasty people/groups to deal with.

Also, the amount of blood these people must consume/absorb through either their mouths or eyes while killing Walkers is really, truly stunning. When are we gonna see that have some sort of negative side effect?

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    Phaedrus Layne

    Mmm, jelly, pigs feet, and warm soda. A chiseled man such as a Daryl could make any meal seem romantic.

    Good point on the amount of (particularly rotten) Walker blood and body parts these people come into contact with. It’s standard zombie knowledge that those things are all infected, and contact through orifices or wounds is just as bad as being bitten!


    Exactly. Also: they keep finding this food that expires in, like, a year. It’s a couple years into the zombie apocalypse, when are they gonna find a bad jar of jelly and get norovirus?


    I’m more excited by Beth and Daryls new storyling that watching eveyine else slowly shamble down a railroad track.

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