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TheNerdyBomb’s 2013 Top Ten Video Games


Posted January 13, 2014 by


As a console generation ends and a new one begins, we look back on the games that defined 2013 and set the bar to beat for next gen.


Bioshock Infinite,  Irrational/2K Games

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This amazing first-person shooter is set in 1912 in the floating city of Columbia. You play as Booker DeWitt, an agent who is sent to Columbia on a mission to rescue a mysterious girl named Elizabeth. At E3 2011, this game won tons of editorial awards and was deemed the Game Critics Awards’ Best of Show. Game Informer gave it a perfect 10. While I was skeptical at first how it was supposed to tie into the BioShock universe we know and love, the game didn’t let me down. And the ending! The ending was just mind-blowing. When you pick up this game, check out the new DLC, Burial at Sea, as well. ESRB Rating: Mature. -Brittany DeSalvo


Gone Home,  Fullbright Games


No healthbar, HUD, shotguns, or zombies. Just a creepy empty house to explore and discover the mystery of why it’s deserted, and what happened to your family that was supposed to be living here. The reason this game is on the Top 10 is the way it advances interactive storytelling for the whole medium. This is one of the most unique experiences of the last year and worth every penny of the $19.99 price tag. If you like video games and want to see the future of the medium or just want to experience a completely unique and emotionally moving story do yourself a favor and play this game.  – Jeremy Dawson


GTA 5,  Rockstar Studios

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Grand Theft Auto invented the sandbox genre of games and its last foray on this console generation shows that it has perfected the genre. With the biggest world yet to explore, daring and dynamic heist missions,  and Trevor, possibly the best character Rockstar has created, you could play this game for hundreds of hours and still not see everything it has to offer. On top of all that, Rockstar took GTA online. It’s a staggering achievement with a unique multiplayer system and despite some bugs and glitches that saw some players lose their characters, was some of the most fun I’ve had all year. – Jeremy Dawson


Disney Infinity, Disney Interactive

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Disney Infinity is not Skylanders. It’s much, much more. Not only are there environments and worlds similar to those we have experienced in movies, there is the Toy Box. The Toy Box gives us the ability to not play in a world that is created for us, but allows us to play in a world that we create. The diversity in the Play Sets is great. The Lone Ranger require more shooting, Toy Story more puzzle solving, and Monsters University more pranking and scaring. Each Play Set universe has between 6-8 hours of gameplay, but also unlocks aspects of that world in the Toy Box. Disney Infinity will allow for all the exploration and collecting you could want. Now we just need more. -Jeremy Whaley


LEGO Marvel,  TT Games

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Lego Star Wars brought fun and funny gaming to console when it originally released. Loads of characters playable in familiar settings made for a good game. Lego Marvel puts that to shame. Arguably the best Lego game made, Lego Marvel offers over 100 playable characters. The familiar and the not so famous are all here. The first boss in the game feels epic in scope (for a game geared towards the younger demo). This isn’t a game just for kids, but for anyone that appreciates these comic characters. – Jeremy Whaley


Plants vs Zombies 2,  PopCap

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The perfect mobile games are quick to play, light and funny, and offer depth and replayability. With as many hours as I have sunk into the sequel to Popcap’s brilliant action strategy hybrid, I can say it succeeds in every way. Travel through time to battle mummies, pirates, and cowboy zombies with various botanical armaments! Plus its free, and I guarantee its style and charm will have you hooked. – Jeremy Dawson


Pokemon X & Y,  Nintendo

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Pokémon X and Y brought plenty of new changes to the Pokémon series. It’s the first Pokémon game to have full 3D models, it brought Pokémon-Amie that allowed trainers to forge a closer connection to their Pokémon, and brought new Mega-Evolutions to make our favorite Pokémon even more powerful. Additionally, the new super trainer mechanic lowered the barrier of entry for the meta-game. This might be the best generation for competitive play. – Mac Bissey


Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX,  Square-Enix

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Kingdom Hearts might be 11 years old, but it still holds up. Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix proved that. Finally getting an English version of Kingdom Hearts Final Mix was awesome, and getting it in HD was a bonus. We also got Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, and the story from 358/2 Days. Getting almost half of the Kingdom Hearts saga in one purchase is great. – Mac Bissey


Kingdom Rush: Frontiers,  Ironhide Game Studios

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Kingdom Rush was definitely the best tower defense game I had played. When I saw there was going to be a sequel, I questioned what Ironhide Game Studios could do to add to an already great mobile gaming experience. I was pleasantly surprised with the new features in Kingdom Rush: Frontiers. They not only added a new story, but also new towers, new good guys, new enemies, and new environments. You can interact with certain parts of the environment, with great comedic results. It’s difficult to use the same grading criteria for a mobile game that you would for a console game, but based purely on enjoyment, Kingdom Rush: Frontiers is easily one of our Top Ten Games of 2013. -Jeremy Whaley


The Last of Us,  Naughty Dog

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Naughty Dog has always excelled at blending gorgeous cinematic experiences and gameplay with the Uncharted series, but it wasn’t until The Last of Us that the combination was perfected. To say too much about the story would be to ruin the most engaging, moving, and shocking narrative and gameplay experiences of the year. Equal parts The Road and The Walking Dead, Naughty Dog doesn’t pull any punches in it’s dark depiction of the post apocalyptic world and the result is one of not only the best games of the year, but one of the best stories as well. – Jeremy Dawson





    Honestly, the only games of these that I’ve played are BioShock and The Last of Us. The latter was too creepy, so I mailed it to a friend, who really enjoyed it, haha. Gone Home actually sounds pretty cool, and I hadn’t heard of that before. It’s also possibly creepy, and the user rating isn’t great, so I’ll have to read a little more about it before I commit.

    Monica Ito

    I haven’t actually played any of the games on this list, but a few are in my “to buy” queue. The game I was the most excited about this year was BEYOND:Two Souls by Qantic Dream. Their earlier game, Heavy Rain was also amazing, but Beyond showed an immense amount of growth. The game is much more seamless between the more cinematic cut scenes and actual gameplay and because you can choose how Jody reacts to situations, the end result is different each time. I’m a little disappointed it didn’t make it onto this best of list, but that’s just me :)


      I’ll have to check that game out! I hadn’t even heard of it.


      I absolutely adored Heavy Rain, but what little I’ve played of Beyond didn’t strike the same chords for me. Its cool to see a video game get Ellen Paige level of talent added to it though. Without further playing I just couldn’t add it to the top 10. I will definitely give it another look though!

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